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Here's what Singaporeans cared about in 2023 IMAGE: UNSPLASH

What Google’s Year In Search 2023 Reveals About Singaporeans

Can you believe it’s already the end of 2023? The year seems to have zoomed by faster than a GrabFood delivery. Yup, it's that time again – Google just spilled the tea on what Singaporeans have been typing into their search bars this year. And of course, we have OPINIONS and questions.

But before we dive into what our countrymen have searched, how about what we have Googled this year?

Nicholas: Do you remember what you’ve searched for the most this year?

Diane: Mine was probably something really boring, like “insurance” or “how to clean a burnt pan”.

Nicholas: I’m quite sure that I’ve searched for the term “Manchester United” the most. Watching my favourite football team is like witnessing a slow-motion car crash. It’s a mess, but I can’t look away.


Trending Singapore News

1. Ticketmaster
2. Tan Chuan Jin
3. Nicole Seah
4. CDC Vouchers 2023
5. iPhone 15
6. S. Iswaran
7. Presidential Elections 2023
8. Taylor Swift Singapore
9. Credit Suisse
10. GST Vouchers 2023

Nicholas: Not surprised that Ticketmaster snagged the top spot. Singaporeans are craving live acts, and I swear, every week it feels like my friends' Instagram stories have become concert diaries. Plus we’ve got Coldplay and Taylor Swift hitting the stage next year. And tickets always seem to be sold out.

Diane: If anything, I’m surprised that the iPhone 15 ranked higher than the presidential elections, considering that everyone has to vote, but that not everyone uses an iPhone. (I don’t know about you, but I have a good number of Android evangelists in my circle. Also kind of ironic that Google’s own OS and devices almost never make it onto these lists.)

Nicholas: Eh really ah, how come to me it seems like everyone and their grandmother has an iPhone. But yeah, it's funny that Android phones don’t make the list. But I guess we should be happy that the presidential elections are up there. Shows that we care about our country.


Trending Places in Singapore

1. Woodleigh Mall
2. Sengkang Grand Mall
3. Woodlands Checkpoint
4. Cedric Grolet Singapore
5. Bird Paradise
6. Tuas Checkpoint
7. Luckin Coffee
8. Ridout Road
9. Tam Chiak Kopitiam
10. Cinnabon Singapore

Nicholas: You know that the world is finally completely back to normal when the Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints make the list, especially when they missed out the past couple of years. I’ve been tempted to cross the border but the crazy crowds during long weekends turn me off.

Diane: Not surprised by the checkpoints’ big comeback, but….Singaporeans’ top trending places are neighbourhood malls? What’s even in Woodleigh and Sengkang?

Nicholas: Both the malls are new and very big… so people wanna go see see? I’ve been to both, looks nice but the stuff inside is the same like every other mall bah. Nice to know that Bird Paradise is quite high up at number 5. I’m already missing the penguins.


Trending Activities in Singapore

1. F1 Singapore 2023
2. Chatuchak Singapore
3. River Hongbao 2023
4. Halloween Horror Nights 2023
5. Van Gogh Singapore
6. Chingay 2023
7. Jacky Cheung Concert
8. IT Show 2023
9. Frozen Musical Singapore
10. NDP 2023

Nicholas: The first thing that stands out to me about this list is NDP 2023. I’m sure if NDP was a year-long celebration it would surely make number 1. Watching it for the first time live at the Padang was amazing.

Diane: That stood out to me too, but in a different way. How in the world are Chingay and River Hongbao ranked so much higher than NDP? I don’t remember a thing about either of those events. Who’s even searching for them?

Nicholas: Yeah hor. Those happened so early in the year. Maybe these are people already planning their trip for next year LOL.

Diane: No eh, they specified 2023 haha. My theory is that this reflects the stats about Gen Z turning to TikTok as a search engine instead of Google. Because I really can’t imagine Gen Z googling River Hongbao more than Halloween Horror Nights or the Van Gogh exhibit, haha.

Nicholas: The Van Gogh exhibit was really cool. Even though I’m not a big fan it was nice to visit. Shame that they didn’t give the highly elusive Van Gogh Pikachu promo card I’ve been dying to collect.

Trending How-tos in Singapore

1. How to claim CDC Vouchers 2023
2. How to use ChatGPT
3. How to vote
4. How to edit WhatsApp messages
5. How to stop coughing
6. How to solve a Rubik's Cube
7. How to buy Taylor Swift Tickets
8. How to wish Hari Raya
9. How to lose belly fat
10. How to see Instagram Wrapped

Nicholas: Hey, another wholesome thing to see, people searching for how to wish Hari Raya. And wow, ChatGPT in second spot. It’s been just over a year since it was released, and it feels like the fad seems to have faded away. Personally, I think it’s a useful tool for ideas.

Diane: While 2023 might have been artificial intelligence’s breakout year, I disagree that it’s faded away or that it’s merely a fad. Generative AI is here to stay - look at all of the policies that have been released in the wake of its transformation. Maybe by this time next year, people won’t even search for ChatGPT because it’ll be such a facet of everyday life that we’ll all know how to use it, the same way we all know how to use a search engine.

Nicholas: Remind me to ask ChatGPT how to lose belly fat too.


Trending International News

1. War in Israel and Gaza
2. Abby Choi
3. Inter Miami
4. Türkiye Earthquake
5. Al-Nassr
6. OpenAI
7. Titanic Submarine
8. TikTok CEO
9. Silicon Valley Bank
10. Oscars 2023

Diane: Chalk it up to my lack of interest in sports, but I’m surprised that Al-Nassr and Inter Miami made it onto this list while the Hawaii wildfires and the Chinese “spy balloon” didn’t. I also thought “TikTok CEO” would be higher given how much he took over my TikTok FYP.

Nicholas: The whole TikTok congressional hearing saga happened this year? Feels like so long ago. Also as a football fan, seeing teams like Inter Miami and Al-Nassr on the list next to tragedies like war and the earthquake in Türkiye feels a bit tragic in a way.


1. Coco Lee
2. Matthew Perry
3. Moonbin
4. Sim Wong Hoo
5. Victoria Lee
6. Timothy Nga
7. Tina Turner
8. Sinead O’Connor
9. Lance Reddick
10. Jock Zonfrillo

Diane: We began 2023 on a sombre note, bidding farewell to not one, but two local stalwarts in January - Singaporean inventor and entrepreneur, Sim Wong Hoo, and theatre actor Timothy Nga. Here’s hoping that 2024 begins on a better note?

Nicholas: As a techie, Sim Wong Hoo is a legend. RIP. May his legacy continue.

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