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Which one of these made in SG tech do you own? Photos: (clockwise from top left) Instagram/@secretlab, @creativelabs, @tempest_sg

Technically Awesome: Did You Know These Are Made In SG?

Remember the humble thumbdrive? Did you know that was #MadeInSG?

Sure, we probably don’t need it now with the cloud but who could forget carrying a thumbdrive around for school (especially me when I lost one the day after I bought it - goodbye assignments).

In a world where the CD-ROM was once king, the invention by Singaporean company Trek 2000 definitely changed our lives for the better.

And that’s not the only great Singapore tech origination. Over the years, our Little Red Dot has been on the map for some truly amazing tech and gadgets (ups lah!). Here are a select few that you can buy right now:

Creative speakers
Creative Technology
Founded 1981

What I remember most about Creative are the old school speakers for my house PC.

But did you know that before Creative shocked the world with its Sound Blaster tech in 1989, computers produced no sounds at all (except beeps).

Imagine a world without Spotify.

The Sound Blaster tech continues to evolve today, with Creative soundbars, earphones, and even webcams for those sian video call meetings.

X-mini speakers
Founded 2006

You had one. All your friends owned an X-mini too.

Cheap, portable, and loud, it’s the one you brought on holiday. The best part was that you could connect it to other X-minis for stereo surround sound on-the-go.

X-mini is still around in today’s wireless Bluetooth speaker era, with the tiny X-Mini CLICK 3 bringing back old memories of chalet stays.

They also have a pair of wireless earbuds, the X-mini LIBERTY+ with strong bass and a price tag cheaper than what Carousell lowballers offer for AirPods.

Razer gaming peripherals
Founded 2005

If I asked gamers about a #madeinSG tech, confirm most would answer "Razer".

It’s the top brand in e-sports, and founder Singaporean Min-Liang Tan always seems to be in the news - recently talking about how Razer weathered the pandemic and garnered $1.2 billion in sales in 2020, for example .

The award-winning brand is top of mind when it comes to gaming stuff, from its Razer Blade laptop, BlackShark headset, and Viper mouse. My Xmas wish is to have a Project Hazel face mask - hype sia.

A brand new Razer SEA HQ will open at One-North later this year.

Kirin v2 mechanical keyboards
Founded 2019

They say you’re not a true gamer if you don’t have a mechanical keyboard on your tabletop.

That sweet clicky sound is oh so satisfying - even for me, typing out this article.

Tempest is a local startup that was founded to create the perfect mechanical keyboard, resulting in the Kirin – probably the last one you’ll ever need.

Not only does it use more durable PBT keycaps ("PBT" stands for "polybutylene terephthalate" - the most durable material used in keycap manufacturing), the Kirin v2 is rechargeable via USB-C and can also be wired or connected wirelessly to a PC or Mac.

Secretlab gaming chairs
Founded 2014

Technically, this isn't “tech” but it's definitely tech-related - and what’s a baller computer setup without a comfortable chair for long hours of gaming (or WFH days).

And when it comes to gaming chairs, there’s only one at the top of the mountain: Secret Lab. There's a lot of tech that goes into making one of these bad boys.

The company was founded by former e-sports gamers Ian Ang and Alaric Choo, so if anyone knows what makes a great gaming chair, it would be this duo.

Fun fact: Secretlab chairs are used in top global e-sports tournaments and by the best e-sports teams around the world. Wah seh.

Aftershock custom computers
Founded 2012

If you’re looking for a great gaming rig, my friends always tell me to check out Aftershock.

These guys offer serious value for $$$ for what you’re getting.


Aftershock builds customised desktops and laptops to your exact specs. For a little extra, you get same-day delivery – perfect for SHN (like the post above).

The aftersales support is top-notch too, no matter what issue you’re having (except relationship problems lah, that one they cannot settle).


Aico Smart Egg Pro
Aico Technologies
Founded 2014

What’s awesome about Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home is how it can connect to all your smart gadgets in the house.

But what if your devices aren’t “smart” like the TV in your parent’s house?

The Aico Smart Egg is able to control your older devices that still use infrared remote controls. Interesting leh.

Because it can sense people in close proximity, it can also, for instance, automatically turn on the lights when you enter the room or mute the TV when you’re picking up a call.

The pro version can also connect to Alexa and Google Home so you get complete voice control over your entire home.

Now I can fulfil my secret dream to be Tony Stark.

World’s smallest karaoke machine
Founded 2016

Popsical shrinks the bulky karaoke system into this palm-sized device that you can bring anywhere.

It connects online to a licensed song library with 230,000 songs and counting – but need to pay subscription lah: $10.99 for 30 days or $4.99 for 24 hours.

You do need to connect it to a speaker with AUX or RCA input but, hey, with the Popsical, machiam the old days at Teo Heng. Just don’t disturb your neighbours.



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