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Which of these reimagined Singapore mascots would you choose as your new starter Pokémon? Pokémon images: Midjourney

We Used AI To Create Pokémon Characters Of Beloved Singapore Mascots

We love our Singapore mascots. From their adorable appearances to the valuable life lessons they impart, they have become national icons that embody kindness, charity, and environmental consciousness, among other virtues.

And that's why we felt a need to elevate them to super-cool Pokémon status! With the help of AI, we fused our familiar mascots’ charm, spirit, and personality with the extraordinary traits and abilities of imaginary Pokémon creatures. And, boy, did we have fun coming up with evolutions and character bios - we'd love to catch 'em all!

Aquamerli (unevolved form) based on Merli. | IMAGE: MIDJOURNEY

Merlionette (first evolution). | IMAGE: MIDJOURNEY

Merliorca (final evolution). | IMAGE: MIDJOURNEY

From Merli to... Aquamerli > Merlionette > Meliorca

Original Merli launch: 2018

Mascot for: Singapore Tourism Board, based on the Merlion.

Unevolved Pokémon form: Aquamerli is an energetic and outgoing Pokémon that’s gonna drag you all around Singapore searching for hidden gems. (Eh, who knows, maybe you might uncover the $100,000 cash from the Hunt the Mouse game.) Aquamerli's unique ability is to spray water in a magnificent fountain-like manner, which can be used in battle - or to annoy bae when they are asleep.

First evolution: Merlionette's sleek and agile body moves swiftly through the Singapore River - even otters want to hitch a ride on its back. Its water-spraying abilities become even more impressive, capable of creating intricate water patterns and dazzling displays. Dun play-play! Just spray-spray!

Final evolution: Merliorca’s fountain-like water spray creates spectacles that send Pokémon and trainers alike into an open-mouthed trance, making them long for the life-giving spout to be transferred into their gaping mouths. ("Quick, quick! Take picture!")

Cariphant (unevolved form), based on Sharity. | IMAGE: MIDJOURNEY

Sympheant (first evolution). | IMAGE: MIDJOURNEY

Merliorca (final evolution). | IMAGE: MIDJOURNEY

From Sharity to... Cariphant > Sympheant > Harmonielle

Original Sharity launch: 1984

Mascot for: Community Chest, the philanthropy and engagement arm of the National Council of Social Service.

Unevolved Pokémon form: Cariphant is a Psychic-type Pokémon that loves to share everything with its trainer, from berries to peanut ice kachang. It spreads positivity and kindness through its psychic powers – you can’t help but be nice, even to goondus. Confirm one of the best starter Pokémon, and also your new-found bff.

First evolution: Sympheant's psychic powers have grown stronger, allowing it to delve deeper into the emotions and thoughts of its trainer. So it knows when you got dumped by bae or your beloved Man U kena trashed 7-0, and will do everything it can to make you feel better. Its aura of compassion can force even your worst enemy to come and give you a hug. (Eww, but, oh well.)

Final evolution: Harmonielle the ultimate embodiment of caring and sharing. With its evolved psychic powers, Harmonielle can heal all of its trainer’s emotional wounds. Lost one side of your AirPods? Your dream Tinder-date hates durian? Accidentally buang your 4D betting slip with the first-prize number? Thanks to this Pokémon, you’ll feel like everything is going to be A-OK.

Flamblion (unevolved form), based on Singa. | IMAGE: MIDJOURNEY

Blazefeline (first evolution). | IMAGE: MIDJOURNEY

Infernoleon (final evolution). | IMAGE: MIDJOURNEY

From Singa the Kindness Lion to... Flamblion > Blazefeline > Infernolion

Original Singa launch: 1982

Mascot for: National Courtesy Campaign, now sporadically appears in branding and in some Singapore Kindness Movement events and materials. The latest redesign of Singa holds up a yellow gerbera, which is a symbol of appreciation, an important value in the kindness family of values.

Unevolved Pokémon form: This little ball of warmth (literally, it's hot!) and friendliness can't resist the allure of a bed of vibrant yellow flowers. That's why you'll often find Flamblion happily assisting its trainer at bustling flower markets and nurturing nurseries, especially at Little India. Flower power!

First evolution: Blazefeline retains its warm and lovable nature, but is now fiercely protective of its trainer and friends. Be careful not to damage the yellow flowers it cares for, or it will use its fire-based attacks on you. The heat is hotter than the fire used to cook your favourite wok hei dishes. (Apparently, temperatures of up to 300ºC are required to achieve wok hei.)

Final evolution: Infernoleon is Flamblion's majestic final evolution, its mane blazing with intense flames. Infernoleon embodies the spirit of kindness and justice, and its roar possesses the ability to quell even the most turbulent conflicts, especially those arising from mobile phones blocking your Cat-1 view at a Blackpink concert.

Spriggle (unevolved form), based on Captain Green. | IMAGE: MIDJOURNEY

Verdilisk (first evolution). | IMAGE: MIDJOURNEY

Naturibian (final version). | IMAGE: MIDJOURNEY

From Captain Green to... Spriggle > Verdilisk > Naturibian

Original Captain Green launch: 1990

Mascot for: Clean & Green Singapore campaign, under the National Environmental Agency.

Unevolved Pokémon form: Spriggle is a Grass-type Pokémon. Its small size and energetic nature make it a delightful sight in natural environments like our parks, with a sizeable population at Gardens by the Bay. Spriggle has a keen sense for detecting changes in the environment, so it actively encourages its trainer to appreciate and care for nature. Don't anyhow litter. Spriggle will hoot you!

First evolution: Verdilisk possesses heightened senses and an empathetic connection to nature, so it instinctively wants to attack litterbugs or diners who don’t return their trays at hawker centres. Verdilisk are popular partner Pokémon for NEA officers.

Final evolution: Naturibian is the unrivalled champion of environmental care. HDB estates near parks bustling with Naturibians proudly boast the title of being the cleanest in all of Singapore - which naturally makes them highly sought-after housing locations, causing property prices here to skyrocket. (Unbeknown to many, a popular side-hustle for Naturibians is being slimy property agents in disguise.)

Buzzlit (unevolved form), based on Teamy. | IMAGE: MIDJOURNEY

Teamite (first evolution). | IMAGE: MIDJOURNEY

Coopera (final evolution). | IMAGE: MIDJOURNEY

From Teamy to... Buzzlit > Teamite > Coopera

Original Teamy launch: 1982

Mascot for: Singapore’s national productivity campaign under the then-National Productivity Board, which later became  the Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board. In 2018, it merged with International Enterprise Singapore to form Enterprise Singapore.

Unevolved Pokémon form: Buzzlit is a Bug-type Pokémon that loves to work together with others. Whether you're in need of assistance to set up your lights and camera for that TikTok dance challenge or seeking a trusty sidekick to queue up for a table at BHC, Buzzlit is ever-ready with its unwavering support.

First evolution: Don't be deceived by its intimidating appearance - Teamite is the ultimate sai kang warrior of the Pokémon world, ready to tackle any and all menial tasks that come its way (especially from naggy parents). Whether it's plucking tau geh or figuring out a way to win the Pokémon championship, Teamite’s creative solutions and willingness to work with others makes it a sought-after partner for any trainer.

Final evolution: With unwavering determination and a knack for inspiring greatness, Coopera shines even in the face of adversity. When the stakes are high and victory seems uncertain, this remarkable Pokémon remains calm, composed, and steady pom pi pi. A natural born leader in the Pokémon world, Coopera is the epitome of all you need to spearhead a successful group project - like getting residents in your constituency to vote for you.

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