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Usher In The Indian New Year With Art Jams, Fun Workshops And Cultural Shows

Usher in the Indian New Year this month alongside the various Indian sub-communities in Singapore, each of which has its own unique traditions and practices.

- The Tamil community observes Puthandu on the first day of the Tamil calendar month of Chithirai

- The Sikh community observes Vaisakhi

- The Malayalee community observes Vishu

- The Telugu community observes Ugadi

- The Bengali community observes Pohela Baishakh

To celebrate, the Indian Heritage Centre (IHC) is hosting Indian New Year Open House 2022 from 9 to 10 April 2022. Gallery visitors are invited to experience Indian New Year festivities through a series of immersive cultural activities that spotlight various elements of the rich, intangible cultural heritage practised by different Indian communities.

Did we mention admission is free during this period?

Here's what you can look forward to:


Art Installation by Sunaina Bhalla

Be wowed by intricate fabric block print hangings of traditional Indian musical instruments, created by Singapore-based artist Sunaina Bhalla and displayed prominently along the main staircase of the India Heritage Centre.

Experiential Culture Workshop

Learn about the customs and traditions of the Indian New Year through fun storytelling sessions, traditional Indian instruments and hands-on craft experiences.

- Discover why and how Indians celebrate the New Year

- Create and decorate your own jute bag using ethnic mirrors and coloured stones accessories

- Try your hand at 4 traditional Indian percussion folk instruments, with professional musicans showing you the ropes

- Bring home delicious Indian sweet treats

9 to 10 April 2022, 11 am to 12.30 pm and 1 pm to 2.30 pm
$10 per person
Register here


Ragamala Art Jamming Workshop with LIVE sitarist

Art meets music in this art jamming workshop, where you'll try your hand at a traditional Indian art form while being serenaded by a live sitar (traditional Indian string instrument) player.

- Learn the history of Ragamala art pieces (a form of Indian miniature painting depicting variations of Indian musical modes called ragas) and discover the six seasons of musical motifs in Indian art

- Create your own Ragamala masterpiece painting using the ascribed colours of the season while a live sitarist performs

9 to 10 April 2022, 3 pm to 4.30 pm
$10 per person
Register here


Indian New Year Music Video

Mark the Indian New Year with an exclusive music video featuring various traditional Indian dance forms and an original composition by the Singapore Indian Orchestra & Choir.

Available for viewing here from 10 April 2022


Free Craft Activities

Try your hand at various free drop-in craft activities themed after various aspects of Indian New Year traditions. The craft activities will be available throughout the open house from 9 to 10 April, so be sure to check them out.

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