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A chang that's like a “turbocharged ondeh ondeh” (left) or one that features black pepper crab? Yes, please! IMAGES: SINGAPORE MARRIOTT TANG PLAZA HOTEL (LEFT) AND GOODWOOD PARK HOTEL

From Sweet To Savoury: 6 Types Of Bak Chang To Try This Dumpling Festival

You know about half the year has ticked by whenever the Dumpling Festival (slash Dragon Boat Festival) rolls around. This year’s celebration falls on 10 Jun, so take this as a reminder to make sure you’re on schedule for all the stuff you want to do in 2024 – and to order some of these seasonal parcels of chewy goodness.

Here are six of the most delicious bak chang creations available this year. Whether you like yours sweet or savoury, there’s something for every dumpling devotee in this list.

If you like 'em sweet…


Pandan Gula Melaka with Shredded Coconut and Quinoa Glutinous Rice from Wan Hao

Are you a kueh fan? If so, this chang ($20) is for you. The outer layer is made of soft, fragrant pandan-infused glutinous rice speckled with quinoa and green beans for a bit of texture, which gives way to a second layer of creamy purple sweet potato. Dig into the centre and you get a hit of smoky, caramelised gula Melaka and aromatic shredded coconut — it’s just like eating a giant, turbocharged ondeh ondeh. Available till 10 Jun. Last day for online pre-orders is 7 Jun.


Yunnan Rose Kee Chang with Raffles Signature Kaya Jam from by Jereme Leung 

Who’s a pretty parcel then? This pastel pink kee chang ($28 for five dumplings) takes the cake for this year's chio-est dumpling. Made with glutinous rice delicately infused with Yunnan rose petals for a light floral flavour and fragrance, it comes with a jar of Raffles Hotel’s kaya, so you never have to skimp on the dip. The cute packaging, itself reminiscent of a dumpling, makes this a great gift, too. Available till 10 Jun; last day for online pre-orders is 8 Jun. 


Tibetan Red Oat Multigrain Rice Dumpling with Red Bean from Tung Lok

For a (relatively) guilt-free indulgence, bite into this new offering ($24.85 for a bundle of seven) created to celebrate Tung Lok’s 40th anniversary. Filled with sweet red bean paste encased in a mix of multigrain and red oats from Tibet, it purports to help regulate blood pressure and cholesterol. Available until 10 Jun at any Tung Lok restaurant (except QĪN Restaurant & Bar and Home Fiesta at AMK Hub) or online.

If you like ’em savoury…


Black Pepper Crab Rice Dumpling from Goodwood Park Hotel

The thing about eating black pepper crabs is that it’s So. Much. Work. Which is why this dumpling ($32 for a pair), handcrafted by the dim sum chefs of Goodwood Park Hotel’s famed Min Jiang restaurant, is such a welcome new way to tuck into the dish. Here, fat chunks of sweet crabmeat seasoned in a special black pepper blend are stuffed into moist parcels of fragrant glutinous rice. So all you have to do to enjoy your crab is pick it up and eat it. Available till 10 Jun; last day for online pre-orders is 7 Jun.

Pulut Hitam Nyonya Rice Dumpling from Hai Tien Lo

If you don’t like new-fangled flavours but want to try something new (because FOMO), tuck into this version of the traditional Nyonya dumpling that doubles as a tribute to pulut hitam ($22 each), the classic Southeast Asian dessert. Instead of the usual white glutinous rice, it’s made with a combo of premium black and white rice and is elevated by quality ingredients like Japanese mushrooms, lean pork, and candied melon. Available until 10 Jun.


8 Treasures Yangcheng Rice Dumpling from YÀN

Tired of cooking dinner after work? This plus-sized Cantonese-style dumpling ($30, feeds two) is a convenient meal substitute. You can even order it frozen and save it for future meals. Stuffed with Aussie pork belly, house-roasted duck, conpoy, salted egg yolk, black mushrooms, chestnuts, lotus seeds, mung beans and a hint of five spice, it’s full of flavour and wholesome nutrition. Just steam, slice and serve. Available till 10 Jun.

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