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Pimp Your Instant Mee Goreng To Shiok Level 999

All too often, we shortchange our sudden hunger pangs with an unsatisfying home-cooked "meal" because we're just so damn sian to spend an extra 10 minutes to, say, pimp our instant noodles.

Do yourself - and your tastetbuds - a favour by waking up your idea, guys.

Pimping your instant noodles is the epitome of "a little bit goes a long way". Why have your instant noodles kosong when you can whip up something that would make the Maggi Goreng seller downstairs go out of business?

This video is part of "Aaron Wong's Stay-Home Survival Cookbook", our brand-new series offering food hacks, tips and tricks, and delicious, easy-to-make, survival-mode recipes to help you stay fed while you stay home and stay safe.

Fronted by the 42-year-old commercial photographer and avid diver, this useful and mouth-watering video series brings to life the series of the same name on Aaron's Instagram:

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With more staying at home in these uncertain times, I figured it’s about time for part 4 of ‘Aaron’s Stay Home Survival Cookbook’. . Let’s talk about DRY instant noodles. Yap, that seemingly simple goodness so many of us can’t do without now. Just boil the noodles, drain and dump in the seasoning. Done! But as brainless as this dish is, there are always ways to pimp it up a little. The problem with the normal method is, the seasoning doesn’t ‘coat’ the noodles evenly. Or if it’s too wet, it’s just noodles in ‘seasoned water’. Here’s how you can give it a little love. . It can be whatever flavor of dry noodles you like, this is more of a technique than a recipe. First, get some protein, like minced pork / chicken / whatever you have in your doomsday vault. Put some oil into pan, season a little (salt, pepper or fish sauce) give it a quick sear to brown and set it aside. Leave oil in pan and empty the instant noodle seasoning into it. Add some garlic if you like. Get another pot, boil water and cook your noodles. Drain them and add some of the noodle water into the pan with all your seasoning and mix well. Then throw in your noodles and mix well before you turn up the heat to medium high. The reason for this is so you have time to fully coat each noodle evenly while it is wet. As the pan heats up, the moisture in the sauce will start to evaporate and you will notice it starts to sizzle. Stir fry it for a bit until all you are left with are noodles and oil. Throw you cooked proteins back in give it a quick toss. DONE! What you will end up with is a more flavorful noodle with a ‘bouncier’ texture. Like all things, char gives it flavor. . Again, this is not some fancy recipe, just simple techniques that makes your everyday boring ass stuff that little bit more fun. And I’m sure that’s what we all need now. Yes, you have an extra pan to wash, but is it worth it? Abso-farking-lutely! . Have fun, stay safe and for the love of god, STOP going to the supermarkets and hoard shit you don’t need. AVOID crowded places, stay the hell at home and eat your epic instant noodles! . Stay healthy... please. Don’t spread virus to people who might end up spreading it to me!

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