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Suddenly, you mean something different when you say "the food is great". Photo: 123RF

Why Have Bite-Sized Food In Singapore When You Can Have It Supersized?

Go big or go home. Size matters. You are a size queen.

We could go on and on about the many size-related puns but nothing is more powerful than showing you photos of all these upsized food which will either make you very hungry or feel very jelak.


The Amy Yip Pau that is “just very, very big lor

Unless you are too young or prim or kantang, the name Amy Yip will bring you down mammary lane. The Hong Kong soft-porn actress may have retired long ago but her fame lives on in Nam Kee Pau’s Amy Yip Big Pau.

The steamed bun is the size of one adult hand or about three average-sized char siew pau. When we visited a Nam Kee Pau outlet and asked what the Amy Yip Big Pau is really about, the bored elderly counter staff said with a deadpan look: “It’s just very, very big lor.”

Google Translate says it means you get loads of meat, egg and Chinese sausage filling.

A Covid-friendly way to eat your xiao long bao

And on to more big guns – or buns – in the F&B world…

Sharing is caring but alas, this whole Covid-19 sitch has changed the way we look at communal dining, especially in a Chinese dim sum setting where everyone’s chopsticks and spoons just dig into every steamer on the lazy Susan.

The solution: Din Tai Fung’s Steamed Pork & Dried Scallop Tang Bao – versions of which we have previously seen in other Chinese restaurants.

This single serving of its famous xiao long bao is 70 per cent bigger than the usual xiao long bao. And if you have ever been greedy enough to sink your teeth into one of these – and as a result, scalded your tongue with all that covert hot broth – be warned: the biggie is worse.

Here’s to carb-and-curry overload

Monster Curry lives up to its name by dishing out monstrously sized plates of Japanese curry rice on 35cm or 41cm plates. At that size, common sense dictates that it’s no longer a plate but a sharing platter.

Four times a burger

Things are really extreme (or divisive) at Fatburger where you can either have the bun-less, hence carb-free, Skinny Burger or the Quad XXXXL. Just in case the name Quad XXXXL doesn’t say it all, here’s the juice: the latter packs in four succulent, gravy-soaked beef patties between two pillowy buns. If you are feeling rich, you can even add on a sunny side-up, more cheese and beef bacon… and then block your cardiologist on your phone.

This pizza is almost as big as a car tyre

At 21in wide, Peperoni Pizzeria’s XXL pizza will probably take up all the space on the tiny coffee table that serves as a dining table in your 300 sq ft hipster studio unit. It will also feed all the five guests who can now legally visit you at home – and still leave you with leftovers until 2025.

A hotdog so long that it needs three Instagram photos

Being super-sized isn’t just about being big. It’s also about being long. As long as 1m, when it comes to the hotdog at Capitol Milk Bar. Its Instagram account uses three split images to show just how long this dog is.

We don’t mean to jinx things but here’s a fun fact: two other restaurants that served a similar meter dog – House at Dempsey and Spathe Public House – have since closed for good.

Capitol Milk Bar has the regular hotdog, of course, for smaller appetites but the ultra-long version can feed a lot more people. Sadly, it is not available for takeaway or delivery. Probably because it is too cumbersome to be transported around. We mean, later you ask the food delivery rider: “Eh, why my sausage broke into two ah?”

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