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Having Trouble Understanding COVID-19? These Infocomics Can Help

With figures, advisories, and news reports increasing by the day, keeping up with everything COVID-19-related can feel a little overwhelming. Not to mention the additional burden of differentiating false reports from real ones. 

Thankfully, these talented artists have made it fun (and easy!) to digest all of that information. 

Robert The Otter

Robert The Otter's adorable visuals make it easy to remember MOH-approved safety precautions.

But they also  teach us how to deal with our anxiety in a healthy way. 

This two-part comic about reacting versus responding to crises uses a simple parenting analogy to show what it means to stay calm. 

I was getting really stressed out by the Coronavirus. But my wife helped me deal with my anxiety....\ud83d\ude16\ud83d\ude25\ud83d\ude37\ud83d\ude31 IG:

Posted by Robert the Otter on Friday, February 14, 2020

Read part 2 here

Just Keep Thinking

Do we really need to use hand sanitisers? \ud83e\uddfc\ud83d\ude4c\ud83c\udffb

Posted by Just Keep Thinking on Friday, January 31, 2020

This Singapore-based illustrator, who goes by BiogirlMJ on Instagram, uses her art to explain everything from the origin of viruses, to the different types of masks, to the effectiveness of hand sanitiser. And it is all VERY cute, albeit a little weird - one panel in her comic about COVID-19 myths features a coronavirus singing "Bohemian Rhapsody". 

In addition to being informative and charming, these illustrator also cites her sources on her Facebook page, which gives us a sense of security as we click through comic after comic. 

Weiman Kow

It is crucial for the right people to wear masks, if we were to help stop the spread of #COVID19 in our...

Posted by Weiman Kow Art on Sunday, February 16, 2020

Weiman Kow's comics are not only topical and simple to understand, but they're based on MOH guidelines and interviews with doctors - plus, they've been translated into Chinese, making it easy for Ah Gong and Ah Ma to pass them along to all their friends via Whatsapp.  

NUS School of Medicine

In NUS School of Medicine's educational illustrations, Dr Dale Fisher, Professor in Infectious Disease, NUS, and Chair of the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network, WHO, answers questions like "Flu go where?" and "To mask or not to mask?" 

And in this one, Dr Fisher explains why we shouldn't be freak out when nurses wear their uniforms in public: 

To all the healthcare professionals involved in the fight against #COVID19, #ThankYou for stepping up and doing your...

Posted by NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine on Saturday, February 15, 2020

You can read the rest of the comics in this series here

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