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This girl is on fire Singer-songwriter Aisyah Aziz will be performing a powerful number from the musical, "Dear Evan Hansen". Photo: NDP 2022 EXCO

Shine Bright Like A Diamond: Her Song, Message And Dress Are Set To Sparkle For NDP

Come 9 Aug 2022 at the Marina Bay Floating platform, and on TV screens and digital devices across our Little Red Dot, it won't be just the fireworks that will leave you enthralled and going "Wahhh!"

You can also expect jaws to drop, eyes to widen, and IG-stories to proliferate when local singer-songwriter Aisyah Aziz steps out on stage and descends the stairs in one helluva dramatic dress with a train for days.

The homegrown artiste will appear during the National Day Parade's second chapter, which focuses on Singapore's journey during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The powerful number she'll be performing: "You Will Be Found", a profoundly beautiful song from the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical, "Dear Evan Hansen", used in the context of this year's NDP show to spotlight the heartfelt message of love and support in tough times.

An experienced performer she may be, but Aisyah still gets nervous, especially in front of a huge NDP crowd.Photos: Sim Ding En

The consummate fashionista extraordinaire describes this year's NDP as a more extragavant and theatrical one, thanks to NDP Creative Director Adrian Pang. As for the eye-popping sartorial tour de force that she'll be donning, she credits her designers.

"I'm really excited for everyone to see the hard work [the designers have] put into this dress for the segment that I'm performing in," says Aisyah.

"It's the most fun thing to do - like, you know, just coming [to the Floating Platform for rehearsals], testing the dress, the big, big skirt and everything!"

The 28-year-old may seem cool, calm and collected, but she's really all  inside when performing on stage.

"The first [NDP show] that I did [this year], I was welling up, seeing 25,000 people back at the Float again, and having fun during NDP instead of [having to deal with] all these restrictions. So that was a really, really good feeling to experience on stage," says Aisyah.

A bunch of nerves and emotions, and an unwieldy costume to contend with, yet looking every bit a fashion magazine cover superstar? Slay, queen.

Is there anyone special you'd like to dedicate the song to?

There's not one special person. I think especially for my song and for my segment, I would like to dedicate it to everybody, including myself, because we've all struggled and we've all had questions and doubts about how to move forward post-pandemic. So, this one is for everybody.

You're no stranger to performing, you're constantly camera-ready and your fashion game is always on point. Do you even get butterflies anymore?

Oh my god, I'm like, shaking backstage, you know! And my dress is just... my dress needs me. And every time I go up on stage, I'm like, "oh my goddd." Okay. So I stand centre stage, and I take a deep breath, and I just sing.

It is very, very scary to see a full audience here at the Float, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I always take a deep breath, hold it for 10 seconds, let it out slowly, and do it probably like, two or three times. It really helps me to centre myself.

It must be hella tiring having to go through so many rehearsals and shows. What are some of the challenges you've faced?

Definitely Covid, catching the flu and everything - that is the toughest part for me. I feel a little bit more sickly these days, so I tend to get sick, and I tend to miss performances and rehearsals. I mean, it's good to have my manager here, supporting me and making me drink water!

What are some good moments?

I already have an idea of how NDP goes, so it's always a fun time. There're always friends, and it's always a great time in the artiste village, meeting other artistes and just hanging out!

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