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Through My Lens: Nathaniel Lim Sees The Extraordinary In The Ordinary

Whatever a guy's vocation during national service (whether it's a combat medic, a naval diver, a fighter pilot or an army cookhouse cook, among the numerous designations in our Singapore Armed Forces), it can turn out to be a pivotal moment in his life - whether professionally or in terms of lifestyle pursuits.

For 24-year-old Nathaniel Lim, his role as the photographer for the SAF Band when they went to Virginia in the United States was his "best project". "I became more sensitive to that environment, the feel of what was happening," Nathaniel recalls. "While they were rehearsing, I'd also listen to the piece. I trained my ears to listen, so my eyes woud react automatically."

A trip to Japan kick-started his love for architecture and capturing it from unique perspectives. Today, his Instagram feed is chock-full of stunning snapshots of architectural and human forms:

This story is part of our Through My Lens video series. In each episode, a shutterbug lets us into their world and tells us what inspires them and how they see the world through their viewfinder.

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