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6 Ways To Be An Awesome Wingman For Your Bro

Being a wingman is a thankless job. Especially when your boy is not the smoothest cat in the land when it comes to talking to the ladies. But every MC needs a solid hype man and every football striker needs that playmaker who can make the perfect assist. Here’s how you can be the dependable wingman to that nice guy buddy of yours and ensure he scores that woman he fancies. As Barney Stinson would say, “Have you met…?”

1. Don’t steal the spotlight

We know you’re the charming smooth operator of the two but the girl doesn’t have to know that. Be clear that your bro is the one that should be put on the pedestal as the centre of attention. It’s okay to crack lame jokes at your expense if it means your bestie looks the better for it. Be light as a summer breeze and flit in and out of the conversation as an when it’s required. Save your A-game for your own targets.

2. Break the ice… and the awkwardness

Let your shy friend play the silent, mysterious role. When it comes to being a wingman, you will have to step in to do the legwork of initiating the conversations. Make the introductions and ask the ice-breaking questions. Most times you will have to suss out the common interests between the lady and your buddy so that you can steer them towards the topics that both of them will be interested to engage in. And also, it’s your job to make sure the conversation doesn’t fall into awkward, boring territory.

3. Understated is always better

Women get seriously turned off by braggarts. Most humans generally do. So, whatever awesome talent that your friend might have, there’s no need to flaunt it blatantly. Keep it casual and subtle. Compliments work best when it’s understated. Your friend is a cook? Ask the girl what her favourite kind of food is and tease your bro that of all the food that he can cook, THAT is probably the one he can’t pull off. Let the banter roll from there. Your bro is a singer? Low-key compliment to the lady how great of a voice he has but wonder aloud how come it goes missing when he meets a pretty gal. It is at this point in time where you should also remember point 1 so as not to spill over to the “potong jalan” zone.

4. Remove the obstacles

The girl your friend fancies came in with a partner. Be it another girl or guy (ideally, you should find out if they’re a couple before proceeding), it is your job as the wingmen to intercept any potential stumbling blocks so that your buddy can have the alone time necessary to get to know her. Buy her friend a drink, dance with them or work the whole group if you must so that they are comfortable with you. Put it this way, sometimes the wingman needs to run down the flank so that the defenders are distracted enough to leave an open space on goal. That’s a football reference for you to simplify things. Your welcome.

5. Know when to make an exit

Things are going great between your buddy and his potential date. The conversation is fast and flowing and the playful chemistry is starting to blossom. Congratulations Padwan, you have done your job. Now carefully extricate yourself from the situation. Escape to the bathroom, scoot over to your other friends or just slip away silently into the night. You were the wingman your friend needed, not the one he deserved.

6. Know when to abort mission

Alternatively, things might go south real fast. It is then your responsibility to notice the signs and save your friend the embarrassment of a full-on rejection before it ever hits him. Observe the lady’s darting eyes, nonchalant body language, and polite disregard for any sort of tentative inroads. Your buddy is doomed and as much as he might have hoped to have a chance, it is best to look for a prospect elsewhere. This is not a slight on your wingman skills, but more of the wisdom of knowing where to pick your battles. It might suck to be the bearer of bad news. But your buddy will thank you eventually.

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