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It's easy to find flavourful common ground with your partner. IMAGE: PEXELS/@ketut-subiyanto

How To Find Harmony When Your Tastebuds Don’t Align With Bae’s

Love is all about finding harmony, but sometimes, your tastebuds might not agree with your partner’s cravings. You’re up for some char kuey teow at the food centre, but bae wants ravioli. Like that how sia?

We’ve got you covered with some deliciously fun tips to bridge the food gap and keep the love sizzling at the dining table.

Find common ground

First things first, find that sweet spot where both of your tastebuds meet. Have an animated discussion about the kind of food or cuisine that you both cannot live without – you might just discover that you share a common love for Italian fare or a mountain of crispy prata. Now if one of you is Type A, swee lah - you can easily plan out weekend dates for the rest of the month. After all, there may be five universal love languages, but we all know that there’s an extra one for food (especially for Singaporeans).

Establish the “whoever cooks decides” or “whoever pays decides” rule

Avoid hangry disputes when it comes to making your next makan choices. If you’re the chef of the night, whip up your speciality without hesitation (and maybe your better half can do the cleaning up after). Another fun approach is the “whoever pays gets to decide” rule – a fantastic way to take turns treating each other to a culinary adventure. And hey, there are plenty of good eats in Singapore to spoil your other half.

Or cook together, it’s the ultimate bonding experience

Nothing strengthens the culinary bond quite like cooking together! Turn meal prep into a delightful couple activity by taking turns in the kitchen. Pick a recipe that combines elements of both your favourite cuisines, and embark on a joint cooking adventure. As you chop, sauté, and savour the aroma of your creation, you’ll not only enjoy a delectable dish but also create cherished memories together – unless you’re the type who prefers to go at it solo, in which case, it would be best to respect the chef’s wishes.

Embrace fusion food

Spice things up at your next paktor date with some fusion fun. Mix up your favourite dishes with your partner’s top picks to create exciting new combinations. Think pizza topped with ingredients from both your favourite foods, inspired by your contrasting tastes. Or whip up an intriguing unagi pasta that will satisfy both the jiak kantang and Japanese food lover. Oishii!

Be considerate on rough days

Boss angry at work, or things breaking apart at home? Everyone has one of those “ugh, sian” days. So when your partner rants about the tough times, suggest going to their favourite eatery, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone. Remember, love and support go hand-in-hand, and that includes cheering them up through the power of good food.

Create a themed night

You’ve tried everything, and finding common ground feels like a tough nut to crack. No need to stress - how about a “themed date night”? This can add a dose of excitement and variety to your meals. One Sunday, it could be all about your partner’s favourite comfort foods. The next weekend, make it your turn to showcase your beloved spicy dishes. Embrace the diversity of flavours and cuisines as you journey through these themed culinary experiences, and you might just find a newfound appreciation for each other’s dining preferences.

But it’s important to identify the no-no’s

Every relationship has a list of food that shall not be consumed – those ingredients that one of you simply cannot tahan. Be honest about your culinary dislikes and respect each other’s food boundaries. If onions or eggplants or durians make one of you cringe, be mindful when cooking or ordering at a restaurant. Your boo will love the fact that you’ve requested for no spring onions when you book that fancy omakase dinner. When it comes to relationships, compromise is key – at the end of the day, love conquers all, even taste aversions.

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