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How Channelling Your Inner Rabbit Will Help You Conquer The Lunar New Year

We know what you’re thinking: who’d want to channel a rabbit? Compared to its predecessor, the Tiger, or the next animal in the cycle, the Dragon, the Rabbit is less awesome than it is adorable, but they’ve got way more going for them than simply being cuddly.

Whether or not you were born in the Year of the Rabbit, here are some ways you can channel your inner rabbit to conquer the new year:

According to the Chinese Zodiac, rabbits are…


1. Tender, calm, and peaceful

Feeling angsty? Channel the docile and sensitive rabbit. Whether you’re fighting with your partner or handling rowdy children, the first thing you should do when dealing with conflict is take a deep breath before speaking.

IRL, rabbits are prey animals, not predators, which makes them a little skittish. While it’s good to be aware of danger, it’s good to keep these expert-backed methods of anxiety management in mind when your fears are spiraling out of control


2. Responsible and filial

As much as we advocate for self-care and chasing your dreams, it’s good to look out for the people around you as well – especially if they’re the ones who raised you! Supporting your parents doesn’t just mean sending them money every month. It can also mean being mindful of what you say when they start becoming forgetful.

Channeling your inner rabbit can feel even more challenging when you’re dealing with in-laws, especially if you’re living with them or going on vacation together. When it feels tough to fight back without escalating a conflict, set aside time to have a heart-to-heart with your spouse about navigating boundaries and expectations.


3. Sociable, easygoing, and great team players

This should come to no surprise to anyone who’s ever owned a pet rabbit: these creatures, while quiet and gentle, are not wired for solitude. But that doesn’t mean only extroverts can channel their inner rabbit. Being a people person can mean being hospitable (in Singapore, that means bringing them out to eat), not being the office kaypoh or Complain King, and giving face to your colleague when he or she does something awkward.

It can also mean giving your time, energy, or finances to make a difference to the less fortunate – here’s how some ordinary Singaporeans are doing it!

Yip Yew Chong completes 60m painting.IMAGE: SIM DING EN

4. Aesthetically inclined

Now that the festive season is over, and our next public holiday won’t occur until April (sobs), one of the best ways to get through the monotony of the next few weeks is by appreciating the beauty around you – be it in nature, or through local and urban art. (Conversely, you can also take steps to beautify your personal space!)

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