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PHOTO: Sim Ding En

5 Things To Do At Coney Island Apart From Jogging

Since Coney Island officially opened to the public in 2015, it has become a haven for explorers and weekend warriors looking to escape the hustle of mainland Singapore. Most joggers also make this north-eastern hideaway a part of their route if they’re running along Punggol Waterway Park as it is just a connecting bridge away. But here are 5 other activities that you can do to take full advantage of this offshore island’s rustic tranquility.


The pathways within the island are reasonably cyclist friendly, and while the terrain can be a little bumpy, the beautiful forest view and seaside breeze certainly makes for an enjoyable ride. There is a 2.4km main path that circles around the island but there’s no stopping you from going off the beaten path. Bring your own bike or rent one from the nearby Punggol Point Park.

Guided Walks

Did you know there is a villa in Coney Island which was once home to the Haw Par brothers who created our famous Tiger Balm ointment? What about the fact that the island’s rustic charm can be attributed to its ecological sustainability and the many environmental initiatives implemented? NParks organize guided tours for those who are interested to learn more about the island’s fascinating history and biodiversity. Helmed by their volunteers, this two-hour guided walk is conducted on certain Saturday mornings in the months of June, November and December. 

Spotting Wildlife

As mentioned above, Coney Island is home to all kinds of animals. Butterflies, squirrels, monkeys, you name it. The island is a treasure trove for wildlife enthusiasts. It also happens to be a popular stopover for migratory birds. With over 80 species making it their natural habitat, it’s the perfect spot for some bird watching.

Nature Photography

With so much natural beauty on display, it’s the perfect opportunity for photographers to capture some great shots! Whether you’re strolling around the boardwalks, observing the wildlife snapping the sunrise or trying to get the perfect #OOTD amongst the Japanese looking trees, Coney Island is filled with wonder around every corner!

Casuarina Exploratory Adventure Area

Like everything around the island, there is an obstacle course constructed using recycled wood from the timber of uprooted casuarina trees and other recycled materials. It’s good fun for the kids with wooden structures named and shaped after the caterpillar, earthworm, millipede and anthill.

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