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Dreamy Places To Pop The Question In 2022

So you’ve been in a relationship for awhile now. You’ve conquered the early aughts of breaking the internet trying to find the perfect first date venue, done your fair share of #instagramboyfriendduties, survived a giant argument which you both look back and laugh about over dinner and now you comfortably fart into the sheets before smothering her under the blankets.

You reckon life’s better together and wouldn’t have it any other way. Ready to pop the question? Here are 7 ridiculously dreamy proposal spots in Singapore that’ll guarantee a picture-perfect ‘I do’. (cuz ‘ai BTO mai’ is seriously sibei unromantic)

1. At sea

Now that VTLs are available, going abroad to propose isn't a complete impossibility. But planning a proposal is enough work as it is. If you'd like to venture off our shores without having to deal with PCR tests and the like, try doing so on a ship, a yacht, or on a cruise. Some, like The Royal Albatross Singapore, even include a "proposal corner" complete with an LED signboard. 

2. Canterbury Road

Sequestered from the concrete jungle and its bustling deluge of activities, the idyllic rolling forestry at Canterbury Road drips with romance come sundown.

Lay the mat for a dreamy picnic before segueing into the proposal - when the golden hour radiates the scenic backdrop with a lambent glow. Consider that mother nature’s way of prompting you it is time.

3. Hort Park

With plenty of hidden nooks that allow for an intimate proposal sans the disruption, the lawns of Hort Park carry an unmistakable charm from the moment you step in. With 10 different themed gardens - including a metallic concept modelled with silver, grey and white hued plants with cool-toned motifs to enhance the facade.

The Balinese Garden, however, is a perennial proposal mainstay for couples thanks to its lush layout complete with a gazebo tessellated amidst ample foliage that demands a pre-hidden GoPro to capture that will-you-marry-me moment.

4. Puaka Hill

For the boyfriend with a mission to catch the girlfriend totally off guard when it comes time to get on one knee, embark on a hike in Pulau Ubin towards Puaka Hill, the highest peak of the island.

The rocky terrain can be a little tricky for beginners, but there’s nothing a proper his-and-her set of hiking gears can’t do. The view from the summit is every bit of picturesque, offering an unadulterated bird’s eye view of the quarry that encapsulates the island’s bucolic charm.

5. Botanic Gardens

Countless ‘I Do’s have taken place at Botanic Gardens and little needs to be said about why this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a hotspot for proposals. The grandstand gazebo is cuddled by a circle of yellow rain trees, adding to the summer enchantment this part of the park adopts.

For the more heat-resistant, venture deeper towards Swan Lake, where you’ll be offered a tad more privacy, evading the risk of noisy tourists killing the moment. What’s more, the pavilion facing the lake is a page straight out of every fairytale, enough to induce a wedding tear from even the most unromantic.

6. Fort Canning Park

Steeped in history and heritage, the colonial charm of Fort Canning Park is accentuated through its relics and European-inspired landmarks.

A functioning fortress in the 1800s, the Fort Gate now stands as a landmark in the park, exuding an ineffable sense of je ne sais quoi. In the evening, the light filters through the trees, casting different shades against the fort’s walls and we highly recommend you to drop by at that time to experience the park at its best.

7. Changi Bay Point

Our newly-opened version of Jeju Island will imbue your proposal with major K-drama vibes. 

Where To Propose in Singapore

Lads, we get it: proposals can be nerve-wracking af and there are a million things to consider before popping the big question. While not a make or break, a well thought out location can help alleviate some pre-proposal stress, currying things along to help set you in the mood for love.

A final tip: don’t forget to bring the ring.

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