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We never thought we'll see Ultraman at Gardens by the Bay in our lifetimes. Screenshot: YouTube/@tsuburaya

Three Ultraman Short Films Feature Face-Offs At Iconic Singapore Locations

OMG monsters are invading Singapore !

Please help us… ULTRAMAN...?

In three brand-new episodic shorts which come under the umbrella title “Ultraman: A New Power of Singapore”, our childhood hero comes to save us (and Singapore's precious tourist attractions) from terrifying monsters.

The reason for the release of these flicks: to commemorate the 55th Anniversary of Singapore-Japan Diplomatic Relations (SJ55).

Here’s episode 1, in which Ultraman fights off the kaiju (monster) Red King as it attacks Gardens by the Bay:

Screenshot: YouTube/@tsuburaya

Kaiju attack!

Screenshot: YouTube/@tsuburaya

Ultraman appear!

Screenshot: YouTube/@tsuburaya

Aaand... fight!

Expect to see other famous Singapore landmarks such as Jewel Changi Airport, Sentosa, and Marina Bay. Oh, and it looks like the next battle in episode 2 will be in front of our iconic Merlion.

Screenshot: YouTube/@tsuburaya

These shorts are directed by Kiyotaka Taguchi, the main director of "Ultraman Z" (2020) and "Ultraman Orb" (2016) - so you know we’re getting the real deal.

Episode 2 comes out 14 December and episode 3 will be up on 21 December.

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