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5 Ways To Say “I Do” To A Zero-Waste Wedding

While weddings are definitely a joyous occasion, these parties often lead to excess consumption. Everything from fresh flowers to untouched banquet dishes often end up binned when they could have been put to better use. So for couples who are concerned about their carbon footprint, here are five simple ways you can celebrate your marriage in a earth-friendly manner.

1. Repurpose your wedding florals

If artificial blooms aren’t an option, the gorgeous fresh flowers used to decorate your venue don’t have to go to waste. For example, there are social enterprises such as Bloomback and Refresh Flowers that repurpose donated blooms into beautiful bouquets for patients in hospitals. Wouldn’t it be nice to spread some of that festive cheer?

2. Gown for more

All brides-to-be will undoubtedly be faced with a gown dilemma – for an item that will most likely be used once, should it be bought or rented? For those who do choose to buy or tailor one, do consider vintage fabrics, as well as donating the dress to a meaningful cause, such as Angel Gowns Singapore. The group repurposes these donated dresses by sewing them into little gowns for premature babies, stillborns or infants who have passed on.

3. Skip the physical invites

Instead of sending out printed invitation cards, sending an e-card via Whatsapp or email make for convenient options too. If paper is a must, however, at least opt for recycled paper with vegetable-based ink or other sustainable sources. Some recycled papers come embedded with seeds that your guests will be able to plant. Flex your creative muscles!

4. Cater for less

Have a think about the sort of wedding grub you’d like to have. Banquet lunches or dinners are often excessive and leave guests feeling bloated after. Cut the waste and consider a buffet line with a lighter high-tea menu instead. The trick here is to cater for less. For example, if you have a hundred guests, order for 80.

5. Avoid single-use party ware

And that includes napkins, straws, cups, plates, and cutlery where possible. Opt for reusable alternatives, or at the very least, go for those used from recycled materials. You’ll be surprised at the amount of waste reduced from a simple act like this. And as a party favour, you can always gift your guests with a metal straw for good measure!

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