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10 Lifestyle Subscriptions For The Housebound Singaporean

The perks and perils of being a serial online shopaholic are inherently the countless bouts of midnight impulse purchases and prompt forgetting of what you got… and the excitement that comes with the arrival of a new package 2 weeks later - a feeling not unlike Christmas morning.

Carrying the same joys of getting gifted sans the heart attack when the bill comes, lifestyle subscriptions are curated boxes with a chock full of goodies every month. And it’s not just fashion and beauty products these days, the categories run the gamut - from gaming loots and healthy food to alcohol and gourmet ice cream made for Netflix binges.

Whether you’re a high-powered business executive or bed-dwelling student, there’s a box for every personality and lifestyle type. Below, check out these lifestyle subscriptions fit for every Singaporean.

1. Two Of A Kind - Contact lenses delivered to your doorstep

Price: Subscriptions begin at $50 for a one-month supply of dailies (30 pairs)

What's inside: If you find that replenishing your supply of contact lenses is an absolute chore, then you'll want to check out Two Of A Kind. This service sends you sleeves of UV-protected daily contact lenses on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis, depending on your subscription. Simpy visit their physical store in Clarke Quay to get your eyes tested, try out 10 trial pairs for $7.99, and if you like the lenses, then you can either sign up for a subscription or purchase them a la carte. 

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FitThree - Professional Meal Prep for the Health Conscious

Price: $38.70/week onwards

What’s Inside: Started by 3 fitness junkies, you don’t have to be a gym rat to appreciate the nutrient-packed meals by Fitthree. Prepared with local chefs and nutritionists, meals are calibrated to provide optimal sustenance yet never compromising on taste.

Those with dietary restrictions won’t miss out either - apart from the usual omnitarian menu, this healthy food delivery also serves low-carb and vegetarian options, so no more excuses to get fit!

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3. BlackBox - Try Before You Buy Beauty Products for Him and Her

Price: $5.90/box onwards

What’s Inside: As our skin changes with age, so does its condition. Naturally, our skincare regime should follow suit. But we get it, the pains of changing your 10-step routine is very real - stepping into uncharted self-care territories with your face and wallet as the guinea pig should be an final level challenge on Fear Factor.

Ranging from the latest in Korean beauty trends to cult classics in sample sizes, BlackBox’s subscription echoes the try-before-you-buy ethos and encourages users to sample a variety of items before making a full-sized commitment.

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4. Pint Society - Ice Cream at Your Doorstep

Price: $29/month onwards

What’s Inside: Real talk: a world without ice cream is about all you need to start a dystopian fiction. But lucky for us, we live in a time and age where ice cream delivery is more than just a pipedream.

Sent right to your doorstep, Pint Society delivers 2 pints of everyone’s favourite frozen confection monthly so you’ll never have to go dessert-hungry. Flavours change monthly and the folks at Pint Society are big on eccentric flavours, so expect concoctions like Kaya with Gula Melaka cake, Pineapple Tart and Pina Colada.

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5. TokyoTreat: Taste Japan in a Box

Price: $22.50/month onwards

What’s Inside: We're all being encouraged to stay put to keep COVID-19 at bay. So if you can't go to Japan, why not bring Japan to you? As if the countless iterations of Kit Kats isn’t impressive enough, in comes TokyoTreat, bringing you a quintessential taste of Japan in a box. The Classic subscription is a great way to get acquainted, but go premium we say - which includes 17 full-sized items, replete with popular must-haves, beverage and even anime-inspired morsels for the otakus among us.

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6. Loot Crate - Legit Collectables for True Geeks

Price: $18/crate onwards

What’s Inside: If you’ve ever been a fan of someone or anything, you’d know the street cred that comes with owning official merchs. Uniting all pop culture buffs in one place is Loot Crate, a mecca for the out and proud geeks and gamers.

The basic pop culture box, lovingly called ‘crate’ has basic clothing essentials with your favourite movie/gaming references stamped front and centre - think familiar faces from the Marvel/DC universe to Overwatch characters.

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7. Bombay and Cedar - Giving Home Spa an Elevated Definition

Price: $71.62/month onwards, not inclusive of international shipping

What’s Inside: Get yourself in the mood for light and love when your monthly Bombay and Cedar kit arrives. A wellness box that goes big on relaxation through aromatherapy, the boxes are curated based on the site’s monthly theme and every item is vegan and cruelty-free.

Each box comes packed with candles, essential oils, snacks and herbal infusions, plus knick-knacks like healing crystals, himalayan salt lamps and the like.

Find out more here

8. PinkSeoul - Get in on the Korean Beauty Secret

Price: $40.40/box

What’s Inside: Packed with potent serums to sufficiently pamper your skin, it’s an open secret by now that sheet masks are the darling of Korean skincare.

Customised based on your skin type, tone and skincare concerns, each skincare box by PinkSeoul is carefully tessellated to bring you the best sheet mask regime. Adjustable by monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly shipments, the subscription can be tweaked based on your masking frequencies.

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9. Thirsty - Craft Beers for Friyay Nights

Price: $135/box onwards

What’s Inside: The adage goes ‘it’s gotta be 5pm somewhere’ and nothing says cheers like the clink of two bottlenecks. With years of experience and a wide repertoire of alcohols, skip the cumbersome legwork and let the connoisseurs at Thirsty do all the sourcing. All you gotta do is pick the size 6, 12 or 24 and preferred arrival date.

For the uninitiated, craft beers aren’t just your standard lager. Produced in much smaller quantities by artisan brewmasters with higher quality ingredients and refined methods, what results is a discernibly tastier alcoholic beverage.

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10. Hook Coffee - Fuelling your morning routine

Price: $10 for 20 pods, $14 onwards for 200g of coffee

What's inside: What's better than a cup of coffee in the morning? Coffee at your door step. Coffee grounds, beans, drip bags, or pods, depending on your preference. Simply select how you'd like your coffee, pick a flavour, choose the length of your subscription, and BAM! Coffee will appear in your mailbox as often as you wish. 

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Treat Yo’self

Life’s too short to be spending all that time travelling from place to place to source for knick-knacks to pamper yourself. With these subscription services, skip all that jazz, kick back and let the fineries come to you.

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