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Limited-Edition EZ-Link Cards With National Day Designs By Local Artist Ah Guo

National Day may be technically delayed this year due to COVID, but it's never too early to celebrate. And what better way to commemorate our nation's 56th birthday than with the release of limited-edition EZ-cards featuring uniquely Singapore designs by local illustrator Ah Guo?

Who is Ah Guo?

Local artist Lee Kow Fong, also known as Ah Guo, is a children's picture book writer and illustrator known for his watercolour artworks that depict familiar places in Singapore, from hawker centres to HDB estates and well-known tourist spots. His pieces tend to feature children and animals, giving them a dreamy, whimsical vibe.

What are these limited-edition cards?

To celebrate Singapore's 56th birthday, EZ-Link will be launching two limited-edition National Day EZ-Link cards in partnership with Ah Guo, featuring unique artwork designed and illustrated by him. These cards go hand in hand with this year's National Day theme, “Together, Our Singapore Spirit”, showcasing Singaporeans’ spirit of resilience during these challenging times and hope of emerging stronger from the endemic COVID-19 situation.

"A Vibrant Future" by Ah GuoIMAGE COURTESY OF EZ-LINK

Where can I get them?

The limited-edition cards will be available from Friday (30 Jul) onwards, retailing at $16.50 (no load value included) on the EZ-Link Official Store on Shopee while stocks last.

In addition, EZ-Link will be hosting a National Day lucky draw from 6 to 31 August on the EZ-Link mobile app, where users can exchange 56 rewards points for a chance at the draw. Ten lucky winners will each receive a special edition EZ-Link card with Ah Guo’s signature and $56 load value.

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