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Since its debut in 2016, this year marks the ninth edition of Gardens by the Bay's signature Sakura floral display. In a first, you can witness a day-to-night showcase of the flowers. IMAGES: NG KAI (LEFT) AND GARDENS BY THE BAY

Sakura Takes Many Forms In Singapore - Here Are A Few

Thanks to Japan-loving Singaporeans or aggressive marketing campaigns, you'd probably have noticed that sakura season is here again. Yep, springtime in Japan means picturesque blooming cherry trees. And we wouldn't be surprised if your colleague, friend or family member has already booked a flight to Japan sometime from now till mid-April (cue #nofilter and 🌸🌸🌸 captions).

But who says you die-die need to travel to the Land of the Rising Sun to enjoy these pink blossoms? Here are some of the many sakura-related things you can visit, use, savour and enjoy in our Lion City: 

1. Witness the beauty of actual sakura

From 22 Mar to 21 Apr, gelek like a geisha over to Gardens by the Bay's Flower Dome for the ninth edition of its iconic sakura floral display. Soak in the cherry blossom extravaganza and feel the zen as you stroll between blooming sakura trees. There's also a stunning pavilion that looks as though it came straight out of the gardens where UNESCO World Heritage Site Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion) sits. The backdrop is sure to wow your Instagram followers (and fool them into thinking you're actually in Japan).

The best part: the day-to-night showcase of these precious blooms. As the sun sets, the yozakura (night sakura) in the form of lighted cherry blossoms illuminate the area, giving you tree-mendous aesthetic photo ops galore.

Our tip: Be there right before before the sky darkens, so you can witness the mesmerising transformation of the floral display.

Ticket prices vary; find out more here.

2. Indulge in sakura-themed self care

In the spirit of all things sakura, here's an opportunity for you to pamper yourself right in the comfort of your own home. Refresh and rejuvenate with Ritual Singapore's "The Ritual of Sakura" home and body collection, featuring the delicate scent of cherry blossoms.

From shower gels, body creams and perfumes, to hand lotions and scented candles, experience a sensorial journey like no other as you leave behind the subtle trail of sakura scents in your wake wherever you go.

3. Taste the flavour of spring

Fancy a cuppa?

Transport yourself to the enchanting beauty of Kyoto with TWG Tea's limited-edition Sakura! Sakura! Tea from the Grand Mode Tea Collection, and savour the essence of Spring in a teacup.

This exquisite blend captures the essence of Kyoto's renowned cherry blossom season, with delicate pink petals and green tea creating a fragrant and elegant infusion. Enhanced with the subtle sweetness of Rainier cherry, this captivating tea offers a delightful floral aroma that lingers with every sip.

It's also a feast for the eyes: Packaged in a charming tin adorned with delicate florals against a rose pink backdrop, this collectible blend perfectly captures the fleeting beauty of Hanami (the traditional Japanese custom of enjoying the fleeting beauty of flowers). So pretty!

Sit back, relak, and enjoy the sublime taste of this green tea infusion any time of the day.

4. Whack a sakura-themed buffet

Go crazy with this seasonal offering. From now till May 2024, you can find all things pink and mouth-watering at the Sakura Festival hosted by Shaburi & Kintan Buffet. Fast game jio your kakis because we foresee a snaking queue for these highlights:

  • Pink Soy Milk Shabu-Shabu Soup
  • Strawberry Chocolate Fountain
  • Unlimited Salmon Buffet Course
  • Spring Chirashi Sushi
  • Bamboo & Sakura Ebi Salad
  • Sakura Ebi & Bamboo Shoot Tempura
  • Sakura Mochi & Yomogi Mochi
  • Matcha Pudding & Strawberry Pudding

Find out more here.

5. Be stunned by Singapore's own "cherry blossoms"

If you don't want to jostle with the crowd at Gardens by the Bay (or in Japan), then just keep a lookout 👀 for blooming "cherry blossoms" on our Little Red Dot.

a. Crepe myrtle

Known as Lagerstroemia indica, this medium-sized shrub (shown above) can reach heights of around 5 to 10m, and blooms with white, pink, purple, or red flowers, boasting a crepe-like texture. Native to select countries in Asia like India and Japan, this shrub also bears oval-shaped fruit resembling dry, brown capsules.

b. Trumpet Tree

And yes! It's that time of year again when the Tabebuia rosea, or, as we call it here in Singapore, the Trumpet Tree, paints the town pink with its blooming beauty. This stunning spectacle happens thanks to the dry weather, typically happening in April and August.

And it looks like we'll be seeing more of them around, since the weather has been (and will be) 🔥🔥🔥 for these few weeks.

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