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Stashing Away Your Mask While Eating? These Accessories Have Got You Covered

Have you ever taken off your mask during a meal, only to misplace it in the recesses of your pockets and handbag? Or worse, accidentally drop it on the floor? And we can't help feeling a little grossed out at the thought of our masks sharing bacteria with all our other belongings. 

The solution: Mask accessories. Specifically, mask storage boxes, folders, and even straps. You might have seen the people around you using them. These are easy to find on online shopping sites and even on Carousell, but if you want something a little different from what your next-door neighbour is using, here are a few we spotted on Instagram that you can order locally.

UU Mini Mart Mask Holders

This Singapore design label, which was created by two sisters, offers waterproof mask holders in three fruity designs. DM to order

Traceyinny Mask Pouches

Available at Tracyeinny's store in Bishan Junction and online, these cute cotton mask pouches can be attached to your bag strap or keychain.

The Closet Campaign mask holders

Meanwhile, these fabric coverings require minimal mask-folding. DM to order

Thrifty Thieves Multiway Chains

Sure, these are ostensibly for sunglasses, but you can also affix them to your mask straps. That way, you can let your mask hang loosely while you're driving or eating so that you remember to put it on later. 

From $14.90 onward. Order online.

Tokkiya Mask Chains/Straps

Singapore-based curator, Tokkiya, offers an array of kid-friendly lengths and designs. A pair of these Disney mask chains costs $28 ($14.90 for one).

Not a fan of bling? They also sell plain fabric straps (2 for $16, 1 for $8.90). 

Whatsapp to order. Find out more here

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