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Experience the wonder of meatless dining at places like (from left) Quick Greens, Analogue, and Kind Kones. photos: instagram/, @analogueinitiative and @kindkones_sg

World Vegan Day: Places In Singapore To Get Your Plant-Based Fix

While the term “plant-based” is the buzziest of buzzwords these days, it was originally coined by biochemist T. Colin Campbell in 1982 as part of a study on the link between diet, nutrition and cancer.

We imagine that things like pea protein burger patties and meatless luncheon meat products never crossed Campbell’s mind when he sparked the term, yet that is exactly what it’s evolved into: a genre of wholly imaginative plant-based foods now sweeping the developed world.

Like all celebrated movements, veganism even has its own day – 1 Nov marks World Vegan Day, an annual event celebrated across the globe by way of vegan potlucks, fairs and festivals.

To that end, think of this round-up as our paean to the occasion. So, whether you’re on a plant-based diet or dabbling in flexitarian-ism, these eateries will present some convincing new ways to experience the wonders of meatless dining.


When the focal point of a space is an undulating bar made from 1,600kg of 3D-printed recycled plastic, it seems only apt that its menu celebrates the ethos of sustainability. “The idea is centred around circumventing entrenched F&B systems and exploring more sustainable and responsible ways to eat,” said owner Vijay Mudaliar. So instead of crab meat, expect enoki mushrooms chopped into smaller pieces to render the texture of fresh crab meat, which are then tossed in a traditional black pepper sauce; tacos filled with jackfruit rendang, and charred fennel brightened with wakame, sea grapes and chilli oil. Bonus: The cocktails are just as delicious.

Green Common

Think of Green Common as akin to a house of plant-based curiosities, where you can get lost in a sea of the latest plant-based foods on its retail floor and taste the myriad of ways they can be prepared at its cafe. The set lunch menus, starting at $18, are an affordable way to dip your toes into the proverbial waters, with dishes like Omni seafood laksa and pomegranate and orange salad.

Kind Kones

Vegan or not, life would not be complete without ice-cream, right? At this plant-based ice cream parlour, you’ll be spoiled for choice with a rotating array of flavours that include Black Forest, Pistachio Kulfi, Almond Brittle Fudge, and good old chocolate. Started by Malaysian couple Serina and Ishpal Bajaj, Kind Kones purveys delicious scoops made from coconut, cashew or almond milk, which are kind to lactose-intolerant bellies too. If you’re dining in, have your scoops with plant-based waffles, brownies or cookies. What a treat!

Love Handle

It may be an oxymoron, but you can’t deny that the term “vegan butcher” has an appealing ring to it, especially if you’re missing the meat after taking that oath of veganism. At first glance, Love Handle certainly looks like a hipster butcher, replete with refrigerated glass cases of sausages, steaks and hams. But lean in and you’ll find yourself face-to-face with plant-based meatballs and brisket made of seitan (a gluten product). Love Handle also boasts a menu of delicious plant-based dishes like Tindle chicken and waffles, and a flavour-packed mee sua with ginger soy chicken, burgers, and even chicken rice and satay.

Quick Greens

This vegan quick-serve concept has an outlet squirrelled away in a corner of Funan, perfect if you want to hide from nosy OLs from your office and convenient if you want an easy-to-eat, healthy meal delivered to your desk (it’s available on GrabFood, foodpanda and Deliveroo). On the menu are wraps, bowls and burgers, each filled with lots of fresh veggies and your choice of vegan kebab, burger patties, kibbeh or falafel. We like that every option comes with its own tasty sauce that keeps each mouthful bright and flavourful — in particular, the spicy harissa dressing in the Habibi, filled with cracked wheat, purple and white cabbage, tomatoes, avocados, roasted peppers, carrot cumin pickle and a seed mix.

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