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First Date Ideas For Gamers

So you’ve done your research, practiced with countless dating sims, and you’re finally ready to put your skills to good use. The big day comes, and you’re ready to have a good time… Only to end up staring at your date in total silence, imagining the words "game over" flashing above her head. 

While budding romances are a bit inelegant by nature, a bit of gaming know-how can transform that awkwardness into attraction faster than you can say "omae wa mou shindeiru". So if the usual dinner-and-a-movie combo ain't working for you, try these date ideas instead.

1. Go Pokemon hunting together

While the Pokemon Go craze may have died down somewhat since its initial release, catching Pokemon is still a good excuse to take a stroll around town. Between hunting for shiny Pokemon together and swapping stories about failed catch attempts and disastrous raids, you’ll be bonding in no time at all. As a bonus, you might pass by an interesting shop or cafe and decide to check it out together, all without the hassle of having to pick where to go beforehand. 

2. Try out an Escape Room

Remember when “escape the room” online games were first popular in the early 2000s? Why not take it to the next level with a real–life Escape Room experience? Aside from allowing you to have fun trying to solve puzzles, these adventure games encourage teamwork and cooperation, keeping the conversation between you and your date flowing with minimal awkwardness.

3. Hit the arcade

There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to get the blood pumping. A few rounds of competing with each other in Bishi Bashi (the ultimate party game) or trying to one–up each other in shooting games (Time Crisis, anyone?) should help you loosen up and have fun together. For bonus romance points, try winning a stuffed toy for your date from the claw machine (Even if you don’t manage it, it’s still a sweet gesture!) And if you want to buy your date a drink while you play, check out an arcade bar and get the best of both worlds. 

4. Co–Op Gaming

It’s said that co–op gaming is a true test of compatibility in a relationship. If you’re able to play through a Lego video game without repeatedly killing each other’s characters (deliberately or otherwise), or survive the madness of Overcooked with your sanity relatively intact, you and your date have promising chemistry. If inviting someone over on the first date seems too forward, head to a video game cafe instead, and chill out with snacks as you game.

5. Board Game Cafe

Sometimes, you want to take gaming offline, and the same goes for romance as well. Check out a board game cafe for some old–school fun; preferably something light and easy to keep the atmosphere relaxed while you chat. If you’re nervous about playing board games by yourselves, make it a double date: More players mean more choices on what to play, after all!

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