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Mum's the word, and food is the focus! PHOTOS: MEADESMOORE (LEFT) AND RESTAURANT GAIG

5 Restaurants To Celebrate Mum This Mother’s Day

Whether she’s into Japanese, French, Spanish or Singaporean delights, these restaurants will make your mother feel extra special, especially since you’re buying.


An easy-to-appreciate and easy-on-the-pocket omakase meal can be had at French-Japanese establishment Jidai. Tucked away along Circular Road, the cosmic-themed 30-seat restaurant is serving the likes of botan ebi sashimi with oyster and grilled king Hokkaido scallop with peach foam as part of its eight- ($78) or 11-course ($108) omakase menu. Expect main courses like Challans duck with shoyu, wagyu claypot rice, and red snapper with uni tempura. Naturally, there is a list of impressive sakes, including the limited Dassai 23 and Juyondai Junmaishu Nakadori Mukora to pair with your meal.

Image: Meadsmoore
Image: Meadsmoore


If Mum is a film buff, why not a meal inspired by the seminal Danish film “Babette’s Feast” at this modern steakhouse. In the 1987 movie, the eponymous former chef finds herself back in her corner of Jutland making the best of poor ingredients to elicit the joy of eating lovingly prepared meals among puritanical villagers.

In that spirit, albeit with not-so-humble produce, chef Victor Loy has created a classic feast for Mother’s Day featuring a nod to Babette’s dishes in the film. There are blinis served on a silver platter with Amur caviar and all the fixins’ – finely chopped chives, shallots, grated eggs and crème fraiche.

There are also pan-roasted hand-dived Norwegian scallops served with sweet peas and onions cooked in lard, and a luxe take on pot-au-feu that sees a tri-tip steak poached in a mushroom and veal stock then finished on the charcoal grill. Available from 5 to 7 May at $118 per person (minimum two people).

Mrs Kueh’s English Afternoon Tea

Busy mums understand and appreciate simple things done irrefutably right, and that’s exactly the spirit behind Mrs Kueh’s English Afternoon Tea. Treat Mum to the simple pleasures of a well-made afternoon tea comprising treats like warm raisin scones served with cream and strawberry preserves, orange tea cakes, lemon tarts, finger sandwiches and Mrs Kueh’s unbeatable pandan kueh salat. Also on the menu are delicate puteri ayu with kaya, kueh kosui and purple ondeh ondeh. Prices start from $38 per person (minimum two people). Available from Thursdays to Sundays at The Dempsey Project.

Hokkaido hamachi crudo.PHOTO: PATH
Premium Kuhlbarra fish maw.PHOTO: PATH
Okinawa brown sugar madeleine, canelés and Tahitian vanilla ice cream.PHOTO: PATH


This modern Asian restaurant, which occupies the sprawling space vacated by Ola at MBFC Tower 3, has quickly garnered fans thanks to chef Marvas Ng’s delicious originality. Many of his signature dishes – which aptly, are also some of his mother’s favourites – have made it into the Mother’s Week Special Set ($108 per person). The six-course meal begins with a bright Hokkaido hamachi crudo dressed in shiso gastrique and features our personal favourite: Premium Kuhlbarra fish maw served in a collagen-rich black bean caviar sauce with fresh greens.

If Mum has a sweet tooth, she’ll love the fact that there are more than a few sweet treats at the end of the meal. Dessert comprises an oversized Hakka yellow wine-infused Okinawa brown sugar madeleine served alongside rum candied kumquats and a scoop of Tahitian vanilla ice cream. Last but certainly not least, a large canelé suffused with baijiu. Honestly, it’ll be a treat for both Mum and you. Available from 2 to 7 May.

Calderata, a traditional Catalan lobster stew.PHOTO: RESTAURANT GAIG

Restaurant Gaig

For many, lobsters are the height of decadent dining, and at Catalan family-run Restaurant Gaig, Mother’s Day brings with it a hearty pot of calderata. The traditional Catalan lobster stew, usually reserved for celebrations, features the shellfish cooked in a broth made from lobster heads, onions and peppers, enriched with picada (a paste made from lobster tomalley, hazelnuts and almonds). Perfect for sharing as a family, it is best eaten blanketed over steamed white rice. Prices for the calderata start from $198 for two lobsters (feeds four). Available on 6 and 7 May.

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