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#SupportLocal and celebrate homegrown talent with these thirst-quenchers. Photos: (Clockwise from left) Instagram/@offdaybeer, @ryepint, @crustsingapore, @alivebrewing and @sunbirdbrewing

International Beer Day: Singapore Craft Beers That Offer Islandwide Delivery

If you ask us, every day is a good day for an ice-cold beer. But since International Beer Day falls on 6 August, here’s another excuse to stock up on craft beers made right here on our little red dot.

These proudly homegrown craft breweries serve a kaleidoscope of pints that will keep you watered and happy till we can dine out and go to the gym again. The best part: they all offer islandwide delivery.

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Posted by Alive Brewing Co on Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Alive Brewing Co.

While the pandemic was brewing, a financial analyst and chemical engineer began devising a craft beer business right here on home ground. More than a year on, the duo behind Alive Brewing Co have launched numerous iterations such as a German-style light ale called One Night In Cologne and an IPA with 4.7 ABV called False Sense of Security.

The beers can be ordered from their online store and delivered within two working days for a flat shipping fee of $6.

Crust Group

Turning bread into beer sounds almost biblical, and it’s exactly what this homegrown brewery does. Using unsold bread from bakeries, Crust Group founder and CEO Travin Singh has created offerings like Beerguette, a pilsner-style beer made from Tiong Bahru Bakery’s overruns, and Kaya Toast Stout using surplus bread from Redmart. The company hopes to empower food service and retail businesses to upcycle their waste into high-value products.

Order at their online store.

Off Day Beer Company

Established by a group of industry veterans in 2019, Off Day Beer Company produces what it calls beers that “are like trusty companions” — “likeable, approachable, solid”.

Among its unique offerings is Singapore’s first Scotch barrel-aged beer, which allows the brewers to age alcohol in our warm climes. With this method, it took only one month for its 9 percent ABV Belgian Tripel, Wax Off to mature and absorb floral, fruity and nutty notes from its freshly emptied Glen Moray oak cask.

Order here.

Rye & Pint

What began as a hobby for three Singaporean brothers has turned into Rye & Pint Brewery, which brews its beer in small batches before bottling and kegging them straight from the fermenter.

Apart from year-round offerings like the 5 percent ABV Sunday’s Brew Pilsner and Trippin’ Wheat Ale, the company produces seasonal specials like the sweet-spicy Lovin’ Summer Hazy Session IPA and tangerine-spiked Mandarina Golden Ale.

Order here.

Posted by Sunbird Brewing Company on Monday, 19 April 2021

Sunbird Brewing Company

Another brewery that launched at the height of the pandemic, Sunbird Brewing Company makes a core collection of craft beer styles that include pale ale Fly In Light, white IPA Birds Of Paradise, Scottish ale Eclipse Of The Sun, Belgian witbier Fluff Up and a tropical stout called Galactic.

Last month, its City Of Gold hazy copper IPL was crowned champion at Brew King Singapore, which means you’ll want to drop a couple of those in your cart along with the rest of your orders. does not support underage drinking, excessive drinking, binge drinking or any other unsafe drinking behaviour. Never drink and drive. Always drink responsibly.

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