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9 Mooncakes To Order From Singapore Home Bakers

Home-based F&B businesses have been on the rise ever since we've started staying at home, and now that the Mid-Autumn Festival is upon us, home bakers have switched from blackout brownies and burnt cheesecake to - you guessed it - mooncakes.

Here are some that we're dying to sample:

Galaxy Mooncakes

Made by: Instagram/@rachelrax

Want an alternative to traditional or snowskin mooncakes? These mousse-like mooncakes come in five flavours: Lotus with Salted Egg, Honey Purple Sweet Potato Lotus with Taro, Yuzu Lotus with Lemon Curd, Black Sesame Lotus with White Sesame Peanut, and Mao Shan Wang Puree. They're fluffy emough to not feel too cloying, yet firm enough to cut up and share with your loved ones.

From $68 for a box of 4 standard mooncakes. Order here

Traditional Mooncakes

Baked by: Instagram/@tarte.da

Want something that's pretty without reinventing the wheel? This Pasir Ris-based baker's traditional mooncakes, with optional yolk, should be right up your alley.

Starting at $32 for a price of 4. Find out more here and DM to order. 

Snowskin Mooncakes

Made by: Instagram/@tasteabakes

These come in four flavours: Blue Pea with Lotus, Matcha with Red Bean, Original with Sweet Potato & Cranberry, and Sweet Potato with Taro.

Starting at $26 for a bundle of two. Order here

Jelly Mooncakes

Made by: Instagram/

Jelly mooncakes aren't too common in Singapore, which is why we were delighted when we spotted these on Instagram. They're available in 5 classic and 2 premium flavours, which include chendol, dragonfruit black sesame, mango sago, and durian puree.

Prices start at $22 for a box fo 4 classic flavours. Details here. Order by DM.

Rainbow Teochew Orh Nee Mooncakes

Baked by:

If you've got a penchant for flaky mooncakes, then The Patio Baker's got you covered. And for all with health concerns, you'll be happy to know that there is also a sugar-free version.

Inquire about prices and order by Whatsapp. Find out more here and here.

Totoro Mooncakes

Made by: Instagram/@corine_n_cake

Yeah, yeah, some of you might feel a little disturbed seeing the Studio Ghibli icon decapitated, but we've got to admit that lotus and yolk mooncakes never looked so cute. These come in 2 flavours (White Lotus with whole salted egg and Durian Lotus with whole salted egg) and 4 other designs: roses, pigs, rabbits, and Gudetama.

Find out more here. DM or Whatsapp to inquire about prices and to order

Nyonya Sambal Mooncakes

Baked by: Instagram/@charlesbakery

If you like your mooncakes with a bit of a kick, these these savoury sambal mooncakes will surely hit the spot.

$58 for a box of 4. Order by DM or through Carousell

Mooncake Baking Kits

Available from: Instagram/@bakestarters

Soooo you want to make your own mooncakes, but researching recipes and tracking down all those ingredients feels like such a chore. Bakestarters' no-bake snowskin mooncake kits take out all the guesswork. Simply choose a flavour (which include Honey Osmanthus Oolong, Onde Ondeh, Yuan Yang "BBT", and more), order a kit, and you'll receive it with all the non-perishable ingredients included. If you don't have a mooncake mold, you can also purchase one on the website.

From $49.95 for 30 small/16 large pieces. Find out more and order here

BONUS: Mooncakes...for dogs 

Made by:Instagram/

Enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival with your human family members AND furbabies when you order these Japanese Sweet Potato Skin Mooncakes with Pumpkin and Salmon Filling. Sorry, cat lovers, these are for puppers only.

Starting at $12.70 for 2. Find out more here and DM to order.

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