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Are 'Crolls' The New Cruffins? Here's Where To Get Those Trendy Round Croissants In Singapore

2021 marked the year of the cruffin, or the hybrid croissant-muffin. (Previously we were all about the crodo, or the doughnut-like croissant inspired by Dominque Ansel’s iconic Cronut.) Now, the croll – a croissant shaped like a Swiss roll – has descended upon us.

Also called a loaded croissant, or a ‘croon’ (i.e. a moon-shaped croissant), this pastry first went viral in New York City’s Lafayette bakery, which attracted long queues for its $9 Suprême Croissant.

And like any Instagram-worthy food, the loaded croissant is gorgeous to behold. Just look at the pastel filling, the drizzles – this thing was made for social media, if not for our stomachs.

Want to hop on the trend before it becomes too ubiquitous? Here’s where to get your hands on crolls in Singapore.

La Levain

In September, La Levain unveiled their La LeBombz in 8 flavours, including bobochacha, matcha yuzu, and Nutella. They’re even available in sandwich form with savoury fillings like Parma ham and Emmental cheese. But they only bake 30 per day in each flavour, so if you’re feeling kiasu, you can pre-order yours online.

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Bakery Brera

Bakery Brera, an artisanal pastry joint in Empress Market, offers theirs in three flavours: avocado cream, lemon, and salted egg yolk for those who prefer a savoury option. While their bakes can be purchased online, the baking schedule changes regularly, so do check back on their Instagram to see when and where their croons are available.

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Keong Saik Bakery

Dying to try a croll/swirl/croon/loaded croissant but intimidated by how jelak it looks? Then pop by Keong Saik Bakery, where you can find petite-sized crolls in four flavours: pistachio praline, cacio e pepe, genmaicha, and Milo.

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Swish Rolls

Swish Rolls, located in Cluny Court, was an early adopter of the croll in Singapore – according to their Instagram, they launched theirs on the first week of September. Theirs are available in five flavours, including crackly seat salt butter, super summer berries, and ham and cheese. According to all the comments on their Instagram page, these sell out quickly, so either be prepared to queue early, or order yours online.

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As for how crolls actually taste, we'll let you be the judge, but maybe this French TikToker's glib reaction will give you a clue (she gave them a 7/10 in the comments, which is higher than we expected from someone who grew up with the croll's iconic predecessor.) 

@new_to_singapore I’m not an accomplice! \ud83e\udd50 #sgfoodie #sgtiktok @lalevainsg ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim

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