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Nothing's more Singaporean than commemorating our nation's birthday by indulging in a national pastime - eating! Photos: (clockwise from left) Texas Chicken Singapore, McDonald's Singapore, and Instagram/@wokheysg

National Day-Inspired Food Specials: What's A Celebration Without A Feast, Right?

Reasons why I love National Day:

1️⃣ The National Day Parade (NDP)

2️⃣ Public Holiday

3️⃣ For fast-food connoisseurs like myself, all the National Day-inspired food that restaurant chains come up with every August. Remember the Nasi Lemak burger? Now that was a classic.

Last year’s specials were a treat, and this year, it seems like everyone is trying to one up each other. Here’s what to expect at your favourite makan joint as we commemorate Singapore’s 57th birthday.

McDonald’s Laksa Burger
While stocks last

The Golden Arches was the last to announce their special burger for NDP, but this one is really sedap – it's the Laksa Burger, which comes with either a prawn or chicken patty, egg, and laksa sauce, and topped with butter buns. It’s the kind of burger that tastes better with every bite. McDonald’s, please make the Laksa sauce a dip to eat with McNuggets, stat.

There’s also a Pulut Hitam pie and Teh C Frappe. The pie does have the authentic pulut hitam taste, but Burger King did it first. The Teh C reminds me of Thai milk tea. It’s rather sweet but after a few sips, it can be addictive. You have been warned.

KFC Satay Crunch Chicken
While stocks last

Who said satay cannot be crispy leh? For this recipe, KFC coated the chicken with a turmeric glaze, and recommends you dip the chicken with the accompanying peanut sauce. Imagine if this meal came with KFC ketupat rice - now that would be the perfect set.

Burger King Rendang Whopper
While stocks last

Rendang is back on the menu at Burger King as part of their “Taste of Singapore” promo - the main star takes the form of the mighty Rendang Whopper, which is joined by the Double Rendang Beef Burger and Rendang Tendergrill Chicken Burger.

The Pulut Hitam pie makes its return, along with some new sides: Godzilla Float (Milo topped with ice cream), Rendang Drumlets Shake (Mexican drumlets covered in Rendang sauce), and Rendang Shake (a mix of BK Nuggets and fries with the Rendang sauce). It’s like a Rendang lovers’ dream come true.

Texas Chicken Salted Egg Fried Chicken
Until 7 September 2022

Wah, you gotta love Texas Chicken’s promo for this – “This is Yolk, truly!” Back for the fourth year in a row, this fried chicken boasts a creamy, savoury salted egg sauce recipe, made from real duck eggs (ahem, none of that powdered stuff, excuse me). There is something new in 2022: the Salted Egg Wrap contains crispy spicy chicken tenders coated with the signature salted egg sauce.

MOS Burger Golden Ebi Burger
While stocks last

Even Mos Burger has hopped on the salted-egg train with their Golden Ebi Burger, which features two breaded prawns dipped in salted egg sauce atop an egg. You know how food usually doesn’t look like the promo photo? You order this at MOS, confirm you will get both prawn tails sticking out, facing you

You can have their salted egg sauce as a dip for their French fries. Then for dessert, a small tub of Durian Ice Cream. If you’re visiting their One Fullerton outlet, try their Durian Milkshake, which is only available there.

Swensen’s Chili Soft Shell Crab Burger
While stocks last

Last year, it was Nasi Lemak galore. This year, Swensen’s is celebrating National Day with their claw-some lineup of Chilli Crab everything. In the lead role is their Chili Soft Shell Crab Burger (the crab looks bigger than the bun, but hey it could be the photo lah), and supporting dishes include Chilli Crab Pasta, Chilli Crab Baked Rice, and a Chilli Crab Pizza for sharing with the fam (or not).

They also have a not-for-sale Chilli Crab Ice Cream Pint, which you can only win through a giveaway on Swensen’s Facebook and Instagram, or Deliveroo’s Instagram.

Wok Hey Laksa Fried Rice and Dry Laksa
While stocks last

Wok Hey has come up with their own renditions to classic local flavours. These include Laksa Fried Rice with wild-caught crab meat, and Dry Laksa noodles with the same crab-ulous meat. Alternatively, replace the crab meat with either grilled chicken, braised beef, or seasoned prawns.

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