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WATCH: Novel Coronavirus Safety Videos In Hokkien, Cantonese & Teochew

Have your dialect-speaking Ah Ma and Ah Gong been left bewildered by what's going on with the novel coronavirus situation? Do they stare at you blankly as you find the words to tell them about it but fail miserably because you don't have the right vocabulary?

The husband-and-wife duo behind (Eugene and Ski), have created precautionary videos in everyday Cantonese, Hokkien and Teochew especially for seniors in Singapore who don't have a strong command of English or Mandarin.

In the text accompanying the Teochew video, for examply, they explain:

Many Teochew-speaking seniors in Singapore do not have a strong command of English or Mandarin. Hence, we created this simple video in their language to highlight the precautions that they can take to protect themselves from the Wuhan coronavirus. Please help us to share this video with anyone who may find it useful. Let's overcome this battle together! The video was created with the intention to reach as many Teochew-speaking seniors in Singapore as possible. As such, we've chosen to use everyday Teochew that most Singaporeans are used to and thus, may include some words from other languages too. In similar manner, we have also included English and Mandarin subtitles. We hope this helps to bridge the communication gap between our Teochew-speaking seniors and our healthcare professionals, volunteers or simply anyone who is less fluent in Teochew.

These two are truly the sort of heroes we're proud to call countrymen!

Meanwhile, here are all three videos. Share them with your loved ones now.

In Cantonese:


In Hokkien:


In Teochew:


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