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SAF And People’s Association To Give Out Free Masks To 1.3m Households

To ease the mask shortage in the wake of the ongoing Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, the government will be distributing 5.2 million free masks to 1.37 million households in Singapore. According to National Development Minister Lawrence Wong, this is a “one-time exercise to release masks from our national stockpile directly to Singaporeans”.

“Please use them responsibly. Do not open up the packet and use them right away. Use it only if you are unwell and have to go out and see the doctor. This is the reason why we are doing this one-time exercise,” he said, adding this reminder: “Remember, at the end of the day, masks do not confer automatic protection against the virus. The best thing that every Singaporean can do to protect himself, herself, and their family members is to uphold good personal hygiene.”

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) will pack the surgical masks and deliver them to 89 Community Centres, where the People’s Association will subsequently distribute them to the public.

How many masks do I get?

Each household is entitled to 4 surgical masks in a sealed bag.

When & where to get masks

1 February: Mask collection will start progressively at Residents’ Committee (RC) centres and Community Centres for both public and private estates.
1 to 5 February: Initial mask distribution at RC centres within HDB estates.
9 February: Mask collection expected to reach completion.

How to get masks

Residents will need to bring along their NRIC for verification. You can check RC whiteboards, digital display panels and the government’s social media platforms for updates on mask distribution, as well as when and where to get them.

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