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Designated car-lite areas on our Little Red Dot include (clockwise from left) one-north, Springleaf, and Tanjong Rhu. Images: Nicholas Yong

World Environment Day: Explore Singapore's Sustainable Car-Lite Areas

Happy World Environment Day (5 Jun)!

Did you know that there are several areas in Singapore designated as “car-lite” zones? These areas prioritise pedestrians and cyclists, aiming for fewer cars on the road – all part of the gahmen’s commitment to reducing our nation's carbon footprint and promoting a more sustainable transportation system.

Btw "car-lite" doesn't mean "car-free”. The intention isn't to get rid of cars altogether, but rather to reshape infrastructure with a focus on people.

Fewer parking lots here means more room for public facilities and green spaces. Parking will be primarily reserved for residents in the area, ensuring convenience while encouraging alternative modes of transportation.

Curious about these car-lite areas? Here are eight we explored. Click the photos to learn more. 


1. Springleaf

Springleaf is best known for its crispy prata, but besides the makan, it has its own MRT station with ample parking for bicycles next to the MRT. It’s also home to the quiet and tranquil Springleaf Nature Park – paktor idea this weekend?


2. Marina South

IYKYK: Before Gardens by the Bay and Marina Barrage were built, this car-lite area used to have all-you-can-eat steamboat restaurants, a bowling alley, and 24-hour arcade. Soon, there will be residential homes, and a new MRT stop called Marina South that will open once the surrounding area has been developed.

3. one-north

Offering a glimpse into the future, one-north showcases the potential of designated car-lite areas. Comprising eight distinctive sub-zones, it is connected by pedestrian walkways and feeder buses, embodying a forward-thinking car-lite urban design.

4. Pearl’s Hill

One of the smallest car-lite areas but the best place for a good time. You will want to jio bae to 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace here, an independent art enclave. There's a variety of cool workshops to sign up for, plus a spot to chill over drinks and tacos at Kult Yard.

5. Bayshore

Located next to East Coast Park, this future car-lite area will be called Bayshore Main Street. There will be a new linear park alongside the existing row of residential developments and future homes.

6. Jurong Lake District

Set to be the crown jewel of Jurong East, this future CBD away from the city will see more offices, community facilities, an improved Jurong Lake Gardens, a new Jurong Region Line station, and an integrated transport hub.

7. Tanjong Rhu

At Tanjong Rhu (aka “CAT 100” when Taylor Swift came to visit), residents prefer to walk or cycle to get from place to place. With stunning waterfront views, it’s easy to see why. There is ongoing construction here to widen the footpaths and enhance the pedestrian experience.

8. Woodlands Central

This up-and-coming car-lite district already has two MRT lines. With the upcoming Johor Bahru-Singapore Rapid Transit System (RTS) in 2026, Woodlands Central is set to offer seamless travel across the Causeway.

Future "car-lite" areas in development

  • Jurong Innovation District
  • Punggol Digital District
  • Kampong Bugis
  • Woodlands North
  • Ulu Pandan
  • Mount Pleasant
  • Tengah Keppel Club

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