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Check out the coolest, quirkiest merch at Jewel Changi's new Nintendo Pop-Up Store to level up your gamer lifestyle. IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

What To Buy At The Nintendo Pop-Up Store Based On Your Gamer Type

ICYMI, there’s a new Nintendo Pop-Up Store at Jewel Changi from now till 1 January 2024. With two of our team being avid gamers, we were excited to pay it a visit and see what goodies it had in store.

Fortunately, we decided to stay away on opening day (17 November), when the queues were so long that they actually spilled over to the floor below. Instead, we arrived at 9 am on Monday morning; just early enough that we were the first in line.

Behold, the golden (well, red and white) ticket that permitted us entry to the store. | IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

At 9.30 am, the staff began giving out tickets for entry into the store. Ticket holders are allowed in first, with ticketless walk-ins only being allowed entry if the store is empty enough.

Despite this, it was still rather crowded in the store when it finally opened, and a bit hard to move around and browse freely.

To save you from having to navigate the crowds while deciding what to buy, here’s what we think you should be looking out for at the store based on what type of gamer you are.

Disclaimer: bears no responsibility for any drain on your wallet that might ensue after reading this article.

The Roleplayer

You get really into character when playing games, addressing NPCs out loud as though they’re real people, or periodically shouting your favourite characters’ catchphrases when talking to others.

Check out: Character-themed merch items that look like they belong in the games they come from.

Organise your belongings with special blocks from Mario. | IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

Laundry is just another game with these cute laundry nets. | IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

Pikmins for your house (flower not included). | IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

You'd better not eat this mushroom... | IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

Buy Pikmin-shaped vases and add your own flowers, or organise your belongings with question mark, brick and Pow block storage boxes. Make laundry less of a chore with Blooper Baby and Cheep Cheep laundry nets.

And, of course, there are always the plushie eggs, mushrooms and question mark blocks that you can buy if you want to pretend you’re Mario or Luigi on an adventure.

The Practical Gamer

You min-max your characters, look for shortcuts to cut down on in-game travel time, and organise your controllers in labelled drawers so you can find them easily.

Check out: Cute yet useful merch to level up your daily life.

Fire Resistant Red Pikmin Gratin Dish? Looks like a tasty addition to your kitchenware. | IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

Contrary to appearances, this doesn't spray ink at other people (though you could splash them with droplets of water from your umbrella if you really want to). | IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

Mushroom Kingdom kitchenware? Perfect for a tea party with Princess Peach. | IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

Ouch, poor Luigi... | IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

Want an umbrella that looks like a Splatoon ink tank? How about a gratin dish with a fire resistant red Pikmin design, or an undrowned blue Pikmin water glass?

Other highlights include food containers, pens, cups, pencil cases, and tons more themed goodies that you’ll actually use. It’s the perfect excuse to buy new stuff.

The Character Customiser

A new game’s just been released, and you’re excited to play it. You get home, pop the game in your console, and get ready for an adventure.

Two hours later, you’re still struggling with the first hurdle: Should your character’s hair be this shade of blue, or the slightly darker shade next to it? And perhaps you should have another look at the eye shape you chose…

Check out: Wearable merch to add to your wardrobe for your daily IRL character customisation.

Zip up this hoodie to have Mario reach the end-level flag. | IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

Will wearing the Triforce give you courage, wisdom and power in your daily life? Only one way to find out. | IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

You can have a vacay all year round with these tropical Animal Crossing shirts. | IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

Can't afford to cosplay as Mario? You can still carry his overalls with you as a bag instead. | IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

We’re talking tropical button-up shirts inspired by Animal Crossing, Mario hoodies where the zipper consists of Mario raising the end level flag, Zelda pullovers, lanyards for your EZ link cards, bags of all sorts (including one particular design based on Mario’s overalls)…

It’s the perfect way to show off your favourite fandoms. Just don’t take two hours to decide on your outfit for the day…

The Item Collector

You’re obsessed with filling out your collection log. And when there’s no official log, you still make sure to collect at least one of everything available in the game, including that rare, 1-in-a-million drop from the bonus boss that takes 3 hours to beat.

Check out: Figurines and plushies. ALL of them.

Sorry Pikmin fans, no figurine for you. | IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

The first thing you’ll see when you enter the store is the figurine display. There’s 1 design each for Animal Crossing, Mario, Splatoon and Legend of Zelda (No Pikmin figurine, sorry).

Then, you’ll want to check out the various character plushies, from Animal Crossing’s Isabelle to blue tunic Link from Tears of the Kingdom, various squid and octopi designs from Splatoon, and more.

The highlight has to be the huge shelves of Mario plushies. There are the classics, like Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser, but you’ll want to collect the countless variants of them too.

So. Many. Plushies. | IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

Fire Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Rosalina, Pink Yoshi… How can you decide which one to get?

Answer: You can’t. Get them all!

From left: Baby Rosalina, Fire Mario and Pink Yoshi. | IMAGES: NICHOLAS YONG

The Graphics Connoisseur

Forget gameplay: You’re obsessed with 4K HD graphics, and you’re more likely to stand around taking screenshots of the gorgeous scenery than actually make progress.

Perhaps you’ve even gotten killed by boss monsters because you were too busy marvelling at the detailed design of the boss dungeon.

Check out: Everything in this store looks amazing, but if you’re looking for intricate details, the Zelda merch is for you.

Do these folders and notebooks contain the secrets of Hyrule? Probably not, but they're certainly gorgeous to look at. | IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

Ever wanted a heart container pin? How about Majora's Mask (minus evil spirit)? | IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

There’s a whole range of pins with fantastic design, including a stunning replica of Majora’s Mask.

There are notebooks with the Hyrule crest, folders and pouches with gorgeous scenery and amazingly designed renderings of the Triforce with Zelda, Link and Ganondorf…

You can even get a Sheikah Slate phone cover.

Sadly, this one won't help you locate any shrines. | IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

And, of course, there’s a poster for true art collectors who want something to frame on their wall.

Just imagine hanging the Triforce on your wall... | IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

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