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From financial savvy to eco-friendly living, discover the keys to a fabulous new year in this recap. IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

What Can We Learn From This Year For A Better 2024?

As the year draws to a close soon, some of us would have looked back and reflected on the choices we made throughout the year. While 2023 seems to signal the full culmination of the “new norm”, it has not been an uneventful year. Singaporeans would have seen many news headlines this year – some that hit close to home, and some that were felt on a global scale.

Before we dive into 2024, let’s hit pause, and reflect on the biggest news stories of 2023, and how we can use these events as lessons to prep for an (optimistically) epic year ahead.

1. Be more financially conscious

In the news: " The Goods and Services Tax is raised from 7 to 8 per cent"

We kicked off 2023 with some not-so-good news for our pockets. But that just means that it's high time we re-evaluate our spending habits. That extra cash from the gahmen might be tempting, but don't just squander it. Instead, let's be more mindful of our finances. Spend your paycheck responsibly, say no to impulse purchases, and maybe start a side hustle. For sure, it’s difficult to save money, but you’ll be happy looking at your positive bank balance in the long run.

2. Embrace sustainable living

In the news: "World hits record land, sea temperatures as climate change fuels 2023 extremes"

If 2023 taught us anything, it's that climate change is anything but a distant threat; it's here, and it’s happening right now. Do your part by making small, sustainable choices in our daily lives. From reducing plastic use at home, keeping cool in your HDB without contributing to global warming, and becoming a more eco-conscious traveller on your next holiday, every little action counts when it comes to saving our planet.

3. Prioritise mental well-being

In the news: "Singapore launches national mental health and well-being strategy"

Mental well-being often takes a back seat in our busy lives. But if our gahmen recognises the importance of mental health, then so should we. Make self-check-ins a regular thing, reach out for support when needed (and support a friend in need), and throw some mindfulness practices into your daily routine – it makes a world of difference. There are even apps and e-resources available locally that can help. Make this one of those New Year’s resolutions that you’ll actually fulfil.


4. Be more responsible when satiating our wanderlust

In the news: “Singaporeans keen to invest in travel despite high living costs”

The travel bug bit us hard in 2023. And let's be real, you've probably already mapped out your upcoming adventures. In 2024, Let's make our escapades not just about ticking off your bucket-list destinations, but about making a positive impact on the Earth. Consider travelling sustainably, respecting local cultures, and supporting local economies. And don't forget to explore and experience the wonders in our own backyard; there's magic right here on our sunny island waiting to be (re)discovered.


5. Support local talent

In the news: "Singapore the 'LV destination' for concerts"

Our neighbours have been flocking to our shores this year as numerous international superstars graced our local stages. Singapore is indeed establishing itself as the crème de la crème in the region for concerts.

Looking ahead, 2024 is shaping up to be another year of concert extravaganza with Taylor Swift and Coldplay taking the stage in Singapore - and that's only just the first half of the year.

International talent aside, what truly rocks about our Lion City is the vibrant local arts scene. Let's give our homegrown talent the spotlight they deserve. Attend local concerts, listen to emerging SG artists on Spotify, and contribute to our local arts community. By doing so, we not only enjoy world-class performances but also empower and uplift talents within our own city-state.

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